Meet the virtual version of Barracuda Backup – Intronis MSP Edition

In today’s dynamic IT environments, there is no one-size-fits-all backup solution. Managed service providers support customers of all shapes and sizes, often with very different requirements, and they need to be able to meet everyone’s needs. Some businesses need the flexibility of cloud backup, while others are more suited to the simplicity of an all-in-one appliance.

That’s why we’re introducing a virtual version of Barracuda Backup – Intronis MSP Edition. To get a closer look at what the virtual appliance has to offer and the types of customers it’s a good fit for, we sat down with Chris Crellin, senior director of product management here at Intronis MSP Solutions by Barracuda.

Virtual appliance Q&A with Chris Crellin

So, what is the virtual appliance?

The virtual appliance is a virtual version of the Barracuda Backup – Intronis MSP Edition backup appliance. It offers all the same backup, compression, and deduplication capabilities as the physical appliance and can be used to protect both physical and virtual environments. It’s available as a subscription that includes replication to a virtual receiver at a secondary site or replication to Barracuda Cloud Storage as a cost-effective per TB plan which scales easily for growing environments, so you can have multiple backup copies available at any given time.

What advantages does it offer?

Using the virtual version of the appliance helps MSPs reduce their investment in physical hardware, and it fits easily into the virtual environments MSPs are supporting. Plus, it has the added advantage that MSPs won’t need to worry about upgrading hardware or having customers outgrow an appliance. The virtual appliance grows with you, making it easy to scale as customers’ needs change. I see it as a simple drop-in offering that’s easy to incorporate into the other backup solutions you’re providing as an MSP.

What types of customers are a good fit for the virtual version of the Barracuda Backup – Intronis MSP Edition?

Our virtual appliance is good for SMBs with existing virtual environments, whether their infrastructure is partially or fully virtualized because it can protect both physical and virtual environments. It’s priced on a subscription basis, which makes it attractive to customers that are looking to limit upfront costs or reduce investment in dedicated hardware. It’s also a good fit for customers that prefer to use their own storage and are looking for a backup solution that scales easily.

How does this offering help MSPs?

The virtual appliance offers the same robust features as our physical appliance (cloud-based centralized management, fast recovery, integrated backup software, etc.), but because it’s a virtual appliance MSPs can reduce physical hardware management, such as shipping, upgrades, and eventual replacement. Plus, it helps MSPs cut back on cooling costs, electrical power, and rack space.  The subscription-based pricing makes budgeting and planning easier for MSPs too.

And, by leveraging Barracuda Cloud Storage with the virtual appliance, MSPs can mitigate common challenges associated with the infrastructure or data center hosting costs required to run their own private cloud because their customers can replicate to Barracuda Cloud Storage, which is scalable, redundant, and geographically dispersed.

Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about our new virtual appliance and how it could help your MSP business.

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