Tips for implementing a better backup approach

Safeguarding your customers’ data from today’s evolving threats is no easy task. Especially when it feels like your customers are working against you. For example, SMBs are the primary target for ransomware attacks, but only 34 percent of small businesses test their backups regularly. Avoid the data loss drama this year and create an actionable plan to help your SMB customers establish better backup habits.

World Backup Day (March 31) is quickly approaching, we want to celebrate by helping you increase awareness and encourage better backup habits. Unfortunately, the data loss gremlins have started to spread some bad backup facts!


Help us combat this bad advice by sharing your #BestBackupTip on Twitter this month to encourage better backup practices—whether it’s using a hybrid backup approach, backing up data before a storm, or testing restores. We want you to get creative and share your best backup tips!

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