Tip Tuesday: How the Partner Toolkit can put time back in your day

Tip TuesdayIt’s no secret that IT service providers are busy. You and your team are working hard to proactively protect SMBs’ business-critical data, safeguard their systems from the most recent threats, and get their systems back up and running if something does go wrong.

Being busy is a good thing, but it can mean you don’t get to devote enough attention to other areas of your business. For example, you might not have enough time to launch a marketing campaign about why it’s important for customers to protect their Office 365 accounts. That’s where your vendors—specifically Barracuda MSP—can lend a hand!

To help you lighten your burden, we spoke to Lindsay Faria, the director of partner marketing at Barracuda MSP. Lindsay is always looking for new ways to help our partners be successful, which is why she shared this tip:

The Partner Toolkit is one of the first places that a partner should look when they’re getting ready to roll out new solutions via their Barracuda MSP partnership. Not only are there rebrandable collateral pieces and pre-built campaigns for them to use in their marketing, but there are also informative sales enablement docs that will help them to effectively manage objections in their sales cycles or identify new sales opportunities.

We know how busy most of our MSP partners are, and with the Partner Toolkit, our goal is to take the heavy lifting off of them. We want to put time back in their day by giving them materials they can easily repurpose, so they can instead spend their time on delivering excellent service levels to their customers and meeting with prospective customers.”

How the Barracuda MSP Partner Toolkit can help you

One resource that can really help you get time back in your day is the Barracuda MSP Partner Toolkit. Like Lindsay mentioned in her tip, there are pre-built marketing campaigns, rebrandable data sheets, and tools to make your sales process run more smoothly. Below are some of the most recent and frequently used collateral pieces.

  1. The Office 365 Campaign-in-a-Box is the newest marketing enablement tool designed to help you have the right conversations with your customers about email security. There are a variety of materials to get your next campaign off the ground, including rebrandable email templates, social posts, an infographic, and more.
  2. There are also resources in the toolkit to help your product experience go smoothly. In recent months, we have seen a lot of users gravitate toward is the ‘How much temporary space do I need for a backup?’ guide. This short guide helps you allocate the right amount of temporary space to ensure all your customers’ data is safely backed up.
  3. If you are looking for one simple guide to answer all your questions, check out the Barracuda MSP Best Practices Partner Guide. This 61-page guide covers topics such as developing a better disaster recovery plan, backup considerations and recommendations, local vault backup, local only backup, restore considerations and recommendations, avoiding common problems, and more.
  4. The Sales Tools section of the Partner Toolkit can help you turn prospects into customers. When your team is talking to potential customers, it’s important to understand their pain points so you can help address them. Materials in this section include rebrandable e-books, pre-crafted PowerPoint presentations, step-by-step guides on how to grow your business, helpful sell sheets, and one-pagers.

Start saving more time today by using tools that are already available to you as a Barracuda MSP partner! Start by logging into the Partner Toolkit now or request access from your Partner Success representative today.

Photo:  Sergey Nivens / Shutterstock.

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