Tip Tuesday: Overcoming common problems

To help you effectively grow your business one step at a time, we are introducing Tip Tuesday. This is a weekly feature designed to show you one area of your business that you can improve.

This week’s tip comes from Daniel Lutz, one of our partner support engineers. Daniel communicates with our partners on a daily basis and often helps them overcome their challenges. Here is Daniel’s advice for partners:

One of the benefits our partners have from working with a company like ours, which has been able to provide a backup solution for a long time, is that we have built up a large number of helpful resources that are readily available any time you need guidance.

So if a partner has a question or encounters a problem, the good news is that someone else has probably come across it before, found a way to address the matter, and included it in one of our resources.

What that means to our partners is that if they experience any issues along the way, they can find many of the answers they need just by searching for relevant articles with a few keywords based on what they want to accomplish or an error they may be seeing.

3 free vendor resources available for MSP partners

Ready to put Daniel’s advice into action? Here are three resources that are available to all MSP partners and foster growth and development for their MSP business.

Partner Toolkit. The partner toolkit is available at support.intronis.com and is a free resource available to all partners. The Barracuda MSP Partner Toolkit includes an array of helpful content, such as step-by-step directions on how to set up SQL backup sets, create image backup sets, and configure billing plans. It even offers sales and marketing enablement tools designed to help you scale your business.

Barracuda Campus gives MSPs and their techs the opportunity to earn certifications and learn about the products’ in-depth features. Build your basic foundation around the core products, and then get certified in areas such as Large Scale Management, NextGen Firewall Features, WAN, Public Cloud, and more. Materials include webinars, in-person seminars, end-of-session quizzes, and more. To learn more, visit campus.barracuda.com.

SmarterMSP.com provides resources and content designed to help you grow your MSP business. The site highlights four main areas: sales and marketing, better business, security, and tech insight. Each section is packed with helpful how-tos, best practices, and advice from industry experts, all designed to help you improve your MSP business.

These three resources can help you navigate your Barracuda products like a pro. Whether you’re looking for answers to common questions on how to sell, market, or position a product, learn the ins and outs of the NextGen Firewall, or find out how to grow your MSP through better business practices, we’ve got you covered!

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