Tip Tuesday: How to protect your SMBs from phishing

Posted by Lauren Beliveau on Dec 5, 2017 9:03:00 AM

shutterstock_287890568.jpgOver the past year, phishing attacks have become more sophisticated, which can lure even the most tech savvy users into clicking a malicious link. Online holiday shopping has begun, and hackers are still preying heavily on shoppers looking for deals.

This holiday season, numerous phishing attacks have popped up luring consumers to log into their accounts by enticing them with a holiday gift card. Barracuda recently featured this threat in the monthly Threat Spotlight, urging holiday shoppers to avoid clicking through holiday deal emails—and to think before they click. Fleming Shi, senior vice president of technology at Barracuda, shared this advice:

“Employees or really anyone using email should be regularly trained and tested to increase their security awareness of various attacks like these phishing attempts. Simulated attack training is by far the most effective form of training…. Layering training with an email security solution that offers sandboxing and advanced threat protection should block spam, phishing attacks, and malware before it ever reaches the corporate mail server or user inboxes.”

For more advice from Fleming Shi or to learn more about holiday phishing scams, read the post here.

3 Resources SMBs need to combat phishing scams

Phishing tactics are constantly changing, but the principle remains the same—hackers insert malicious links to trick users into surrendering their credentials. Here are three ways you can help your SMB customers combat holiday phishing scams:

  1. Upgrading their email security to a solution that offers advanced threat protection and sandboxing. An advanced email security solution, such as Barracuda Essentials for Email Security - MSP, can help protect SMB customers by using features like link and URL protection against typosquatting, advanced threat protection, and sandboxing to eliminate malicious emails before they are delivered to a customer’s inbox.
  2. The SMB’s Guide to Cyber Security e-book is a great tool to share with your SMB customers to help get the conversation started. It’s designed to give your SMBs a solid foundation of cybersecurity best practices, which you can build on. Download your copy here, or if you’re a Barracuda MSP partner, you can download a rebrandable version from the partner toolkit.
  3. The Ultimate Phishing Quiz is a great tool to test your customers’ phishing smarts. This quiz combines knowledge-based questions about phishing with real-world examples. Can your SMBs identify a legitimate email in a sea of spoofs? Use this quiz to find out!

User education isn’t like riding a bike. End-users need to be consistently taught how to avoid the next phishing scam. The best way to do this is to implement robust solutions and test users’ knowledge on a frequent basis. Doing so can help them defend their data and credentials from the next looming threat.

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