Tip Tuesday: How to make managing data a breeze

Posted by Lauren Beliveau on Mar 6, 2018 8:27:00 AM

WBD.pngWorld Backup Day (March 31) will be here before you know it! Data protection continues to play an important role in keeping your SMB customer’s business-critical data safe from disaster. After all, data loss can be quite expensive, and businesses can lose between $926 and $17,244 for every minute that their business is stalled.

That’s why this week’s tip comes from Brent Fairbanks of Electronic & Computer Specialties, Inc. This is the backup advice that he shared:   

“For new or existing customers that are NOT using your backup services, remember to ask if and how they are backing up their data. Ask if they have ever done a restore, and invite them to test it right then. Most offices I have been into are not able to do this on the spot. Then remind them how many man-hours they have invested in the data, and calculate the cost for them.

I have never seen a business that is properly managing their own data backup, and nobody has ever tested a restore. Offer to demonstrate a backup for a period of time, and if the customer says no have them sign a ’decline of service’ statement proving that this was offered and refused.”

This approach can help you grow your managed services business and potentially add new clients to your managed services offering. 

3 Resources to maximize your World Backup Day potential

At Barracuda MSP, we have dedicated resources to help you maximize your backup conversations with your SMB prospects and customers this month. Here are three resources you can use to steer these conversations in a positive direction:

Calculating the Hidden Cost of Data Loss worksheet. This is a free resource you can use to sit down with a customer and calculate how much data loss or unplanned downtime can cost them. Depending on the vertical, they may find that a data breach could be even more costly than simple data loss, convincing them to put a more concrete data protection plan in place—with your help. Download your free worksheet here.

Disaster Recovery Event-in-a-Box. Looking to educate numerous SMB customers at once? Barracuda MSP partners can use our pre-crafted PowerPoint template to educate their customers about why they need a backup and disaster recovery plan in place. Don’t want to host an off-site event? Consider using this template for a interactive webinar using tools like GoToWebinar. Start planning your disaster recovery event by downloading the event-in-a-box now.

Pre-crafted threat or industry-specific emails. Another great tool available to Barracuda MSP partners is our pre-crafted email templates, which allow you to communicate the importance of data protection to your customers. Use each template as is or add your own insight about why data protection is important to their SMB business. Check out our free email enablement resources now.

Conversations about backup and disaster recovery shouldn’t be hard—and with the help of Barracuda MSP, it can be much easier. As we approach World Backup Day, capitalize on having this conversation with your customers, and try using Brent’s tips to get more managed service contracts down the road.

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