Tip Tuesday: How to help your customers avoid getting phished

Phishing attacks are increasing at a rapid rate, which is why it is so important to educate your customers about email security best practices. In fact, a recent report showed that 1.5 million phishing emails—representing more than 10,000 unique phishing attempts—were blocked by Barracuda in the month of May alone.  

When it comes to security, the best defense—and your weakest link—is the user. To help educate them on how to avoid certain attacks, Barracuda recently published a blog post on how to identify some of the most prevalent types of phishing today, including examples of Citibank information scams, money scams, malware distribution scams, and even spear phishing scams posing as emails about your Netflix account. To see these examples, check out the post from Jonathan Tanner here. To help you and your customers avoid these types of attacks, we wanted to share this excerpt of his advice:

“The best defense against phishing and spear phishing is to help make users aware of the threats and techniques used by criminals. I’ve included a few tips … based on the examples …; however, the best approach would be for organizations to implement a simulation and training program to improve security awareness for their users.”

To read more of the post, visit this link.

3 Ways to help protect your customers from phishing attacks

Keeping your customers safe from cyber-attacks—like phishing or spear phishing—can be challenging. Here are three ways that Barracuda MSP can help you and your customers avoid the next threat.

Barracuda Essentials with Advanced Threat Protection. Barracuda Essentials is designed to bring enterprise-grade protection to small- to medium-sized businesses. Advanced Threat Protection sandboxes potential threats and quarantines attacks before they arrive in their inbox. This feature protects click-happy customers from clicking on a malicious attachment or link. To learn more about ATP, contact our sales team or sign up for a demo.

Managed PhishLine. When it comes to security, the best defense is an educated customer. Managed PhishLine is an exclusive managed service program designed to educate your SMB customers about the most recent threats. Let us take the reigns and teach your customers with simulated attacks, security awareness training, infographics, and more. We will regularly provide reporting to show you how your customers preformed—and what areas they may need to improve on. To learn more about Managed PhishLine, visit the page here.

The Ultimate Phishing Quiz. Do you think your customers are smart enough to outsmart a phishing attack? Test their knowledge and start a security conversation with them by sharing our free phishing quiz. Will they be able to identify a legitimate website in a sea of spoofs?  Find out now by sharing this link, or if you are a Barracuda partner use the embed code from the Partner Toolkit to add it to your own website!

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