Tip Tuesday: How to grow your MSP with cloud backup

Posted by Anne Campbell on Mar 13, 2018 7:05:00 AM

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Selling cloud backup.jpgIf you let small business customers pick and choose the IT services they want, they’ll often miss critical services, such as cloud backup, that they need to keep their data safe. One way to address this concern and make sure all your customers have appropriate coverage is to bundle a cloud backup service like Intronis Backup into your standard offering.

This approach will give you and your customers peace of mind that their data is protected, and it can also help you grow your business. In this week’s tip, Pete Peterson, vice president of sales at Internet & Telephone (a Onepath company), explains how making Intronis Backup standard for all Internet & Telephone customers helped the MSP:

“We really started accelerating our growth with Intronis Backup about five years ago when we made it standard. Every new customer for Internet & Telephone and now Onepath New England has to have Intronis Backup for all of their servers and all of their email boxes. That triggered a lot of our growth. We were able to do a pricing model that bundled in the Intronis cloud offering, so that before we ever bring a new customer onboard, first we make sure all the data is in the Intronis cloud. We call it ‘First do no harm.’”


3 Benefits of Cloud Backup Standardization

  1. Smoother onboarding Backing up customer data to the Intronis cloud before you begin the onboarding process will make life easier for you and your technicians. That way if you run into any complications during an Exchange database migration, for example, you know that you can bring those databases back with just a few clicks of a button if necessary.
  2. Simplified sales process Making cloud backup part of your standard offering changes the sales conversation around backup. Instead of feeling like an added expense, backup becomes a value-add, allowing you to focus on the ways backup can help the customer instead of what it will cost.
  3. Streamlined training – Making one specific cloud backup service part of your standard offering cuts down on the amount of training required for new technicians. Instead of needing to be prepared to work with a wide range of backup services, technicians only need to learn one. This helps them develop more in-depth knowledge of the service, and it can help cut down on response times.

Watch the video below to learn more about how Internet & Telephone has make Intronis Backup standard for all their customers and how that has helped the MSP succeed.


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