Tip Tuesday: Data privacy and protection

On Jan. 28, the world celebrated Data Protection Day, but if you live outside of Europe, you might know it as Data Privacy Day. This day was started to promote awareness of data protection and privacy issues and educate users on best practices.

This week’s tip comes from the U.S. Small Business Administration and Stay Safe Online, which both encourage small businesses to educate consumers on privacy best practices. Here is a small excerpt from their awareness flyer:

“Personal information may be valuable to your business, but it’s also something your customers value. Nearly 75 percent of Americans feel it is ’extremely’ or ’very’ important that companies have easy-to-understand, accessible information about what personal data is collected about them, how it is used, and with whom it is shared.”

To read more of their tips or advice, check out the Privacy Is Good for Business pdf here.

3 ways Barracuda MSP can help you

Protecting your SMB customers’ data is important, but it’s also important to help them understand how to keep their clients’ information confidential. This is especially true for small healthcare firms and dental offices. To you keep customers—and their clients—safe from today’s security threats, you need to be able to detect, prevent, and recover from threats—and Barracuda MSP is here to help!

Detect. When you talk to your SMB customers, highlight the importance of cybersecurity—and point out ways their current solutions may be falling short. For example, if they’re using a basic firewall instead of a next-generation firewall, they may be more susceptible to becoming a victim of a cyber-attack.

One way Barracuda MSP can help you is with our Email Threat Scanner. This free service lets MSPs scan their current customers’ inboxes and see what undetected threats may have made it through their current firewall and email security filters. By doing this, MSPs can highlight the value of more robust solutions and encourage customers to truly protect their networks.

Prevent. To help you prevent your SMB customers from becoming the next victim, Barracuda offers MSPs a number of monthly subscription-based security solutions.

The first solution is the Barracuda NextGen Firewall. The NextGen Firewall offers advanced features like IDS/IPS, advanced threat protection, and traffic prioritization. The next solution that can help protect your customers’ threat vectors is Barracuda Essentials, an email security solution that uses cloud-based, multi-layered, targeted attack protection to guard against zero-day threats, phishing attempts, and more.

Recover. Although you never want your customers to be a cyber-attack victim, if it happens and their data is held ransom, backup products can be that lifeline businesses need to get back up and running.

Barracuda MSP offers two different data protection solutions for MSP partners to sell to their SMB customers: Barracuda Intronis Backup, a software-only solution; or Barracuda Backup, a virtual or physical appliance that allows you to protect and replicate customers’ data in the cloud and onsite.

Data protection and privacy is important—and as hackers become more sophisticated, there are more opportunities for data to be exposed. While your SMBs might be doing their best to protect against today’s sophisticated threats, it’s your job to ensure that all their bases are covered. And Data Protection Day is a great opportunity to get a head start!

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