Tip Tuesday: Cybercriminals are working hard to take over your email

Posted by Lauren Beliveau on Aug 7, 2018 9:38:00 AM

shutterstock_735097033Cybercriminals are master manipulators—and they are working harder than ever before. They are crafting believable emails, tricking users into entering their credentials, and even squatting on compromised accounts to get additional intel—to create even more believable attacks. And if that’s not bad enough, there is no sign of it slowing down.

A recent Barracuda report shows that 87 percent of IT security professionals said their company faced an attempted email-based security attack in the last year.  That’s why as an IT service provider, it is important to offer your customers a layered email security approach. Neal Bradbury, senior business director at Barracuda MSP recently shared this insight with Channel Futures:

Hackers are getting into a CEO’s or CFO’s box and not doing anything immediately; instead, they gain access, compromise and then watch. They might watch for six months to learn the rhythm, language and even the look of emails. When sufficiently armed with inside information, they strike — often with devastating results.

Barracuda Sentinel was created to prevent this very issue. It works with Office 365. More than a gateway solution that simply watches activity going in and out, it’s actually an API-based solution that can detect rogue activity based on aberrant behavior.

To learn more about pervasive email attacks, read the article here.

5 Ways Barracuda MSP can help you mitigate email attacks

When it comes to email security, it is best to adopt a multi-layered approach. That’s why Barracuda MSP has a whole suite of products to help you protect and mitigate attacks before they even enter your SMB customers’ inbox.

  1. Email Threat Scanner. We know that it isn’t always easy to get the conversation started around email security—especially when it means adding on another cost for your SMB customer. That’s why we developed the email threat scanner. This free tool scans your customers’ existing Office 365 environments and indicates how many existing threats are living in their inbox. Click the link to start scanning and protecting your customers’ Office 365 environments.
  2. Barracuda Essentials with Advanced Threat Protection. One way to protect your SMB customers’ inboxes from advanced threats is by using Barracuda Essentials. This product is designed to bring enterprise-grade protection to small- to medium-sized businesses. The Advanced Threat Protect feature protects click-happy customers from clicking on a malicious attachment or link by sandboxing potential threats and quarantining attacks before they arrive in their inbox. To learn more about how Barracuda Essentials protects your customers’ inboxes, visit the webpage or request a demo.
  3. Barracuda Sentinel – MSP. As mentioned previously, cybercriminals are squatting on accounts to devise more sophisticated—and believable—attacks. To combat this, Barracuda Sentinel utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze emails to guard against spear phishing attacks, impersonation attempts, business email compromise, and cyber-attacks. It also leverages DMARC authentication to protect users from domain spoofing and brand hijacking. Learn more about Barracuda Sentinel here.
  4. Managed PhishLine. Education is the best defense against today’s sophisticated threats. In a recent Barracuda report, 98 percent stated that there are better ways to train employees—or customers—than traditional classroom style education. Barracuda’s Managed PhishLine takes a hands-on approach to educating your SMB customers for you. We simulate phishing attacks, share educational content, and monitor their progress, to help protect them from evasive threats. Learn more about Managed PhishLine end-user simulation training.
  5. CloudGen Firewall. Protect your customers and their networks further by implementing a CloudGen Firewall. Our Cloud Generation Firewall protects against network intrusions, advanced threats, and data exfiltration. Click the link to learn how the CloudGen Firewall can protect your customers’ business environment.

Mastering the Art of Selling Security-as-a-Service

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