Tip Tuesday: Converting your last break-fix customers

As the New Year approaches, many IT providers are looking for new ways to increase their profits in the coming year. While there are many ways to achieve this, one easy fix is to convert your break-fix customers to managed services contracts.

In a recent study conducted by Barracuda MSP and The 2112 Group, 64 percent of respondents said that recurring revenue services are their best growth driver. While break-fix work can help you meet your monthly numbers, managed services can help you proactively protect your SMB customers and their IT environments from today’s ever-evolving threats—instead of just reacting to the most recent data loss fire.

That’s why this week’s tip comes from Lindsay Faria, the director of partner marketing at Barracuda MSP. She developed our Ready, Set, Managed program to help ease the transition for VAR and break-fix providers who are looking to enter the managed services space. Here is the advice she shared:

“Adding managed services doesn’t mean you need to make sudden or drastic changes to the way you do business. By rolling out managed service offerings one by one, you can navigate any roadblocks that might appear—and even with one service in place, you can start to see the advantages that the approach offers.”

3 Ways to achieve managed services success

There are a variety of ways you can achieve managed services success in the coming year, but here are three free educational resources that can help get you started:

    1. The Path to Managed Services Success webinar teaches you how to grow your IT services business into a profitable MSP. Whether you’re a VAR, a break-fix provider, or simply a newer MSP, this on-demand webinar gives you the opportunity to hear from MSPs who have made the transition themselves. Hear about roadblocks they’ve run into, how they overcame those challenges, and avenues they believe are the best to grow. Watch the webinar replay now.

    2. Recipe for Success: How to Convert the Last of Your Break-Fix Customers. Transitioning your final few break-fix customers can be tricky, especially when they’re adamant about staying with the break-fix model. This four-step how-to guide will give you the pointers you need to convince your SMB customers to make the transition from break-fix services to a managed services contract. It will also help you assess your customers’ needs, prepare you to host a business planning meeting with your SMB customers, and ultimately increase your monthly recurring revenue. Download the how-to guide to get started.

    3. Ready, Set, Managed! This is an exclusive, educational program for IT providers looking to grow their business with managed services. Whether you’re a VAR, break-fix provider, or a new MSP, this interactive community provides participants with networking opportunities, webinars, prizes, challenges, and educational tools—like podcasts and e-books—to help you achieve managed services success. Sign up for your exclusive invitation now!

Moving your customers to a managed services contract can be challenging, but it’s a great way to build your profit margins in the new year—and we’re here to help!

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