Tip Tuesday: Archiving for Efficiency and eDiscovery

Are you providing email archiving services for your customers? Email archiving is slowly becoming a necessity for all organizations, not just the ones in highly regulated industries. In today’s business environment, email is used universally. With cyberattacks and breaches becoming more prevalent, it’s important to help your SMB customers preserve their business-critical data, and email backup and archiving services can help.

By 2023, the global healthcare archiving and eDiscovery market is expected to reach $8.4 billion, up from $4.25 billion in 2016. This creates a tremendous opportunity for your MSP business to start offering archiving services—if you aren’t already. In a recent Smarter MSP post, Rob Mossi, director of partner sales enablement at Barracuda, shared some insight about how email backup and archiving are the perfect combination to ensure that your SMB customers’ data is safe. Here is an excerpt of the advice he shared:

“With email archiving, every single email and attachment are important—no matter how old it is. If Tuesday’s backup fails, it will most likely be okay—provided you don’t need to restore. However, this is not acceptable with archiving. With archiving, every single email is needed to meet strict guidelines. While archiving is essential for highly regulated industries, it can be helpful for other types of organizations as well.”

To read more of Rob’s advice, check out the full post.

Archiving more efficiently

With Barracuda MSP’s Archiving-as-a-Service for Office 365, you can set granular retention policies, as well as custom polices for legal hold, personal identifiable information, and more, allowing you to better serve your individual SMBs’ needs. Easily streamline the auditing and eDiscovery process by using our indexed solution enriched with multi-level search capabilities. To learn more about our archiving solution, visit the page or request a demo.



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