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Posted by Jason Howells on Nov 30, 2018 12:37:39 PM

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shutterstock_734998816It’s been a whopping 30 years since the first Computer Security Day was celebrated on 30th November 1988. Back then, it’s fair to say the cyber security landscape was a little bit different to what it has become now. Cyber monsters have been around for years, but the way they look and their methods of terror have changed over time.

From Bigfoot to the bogeyman, vampires to werewolves, we often envisage monsters as grotesque, frightening, and larger-than-life creatures hiding in dark rooms, creepy castles or under our beds. Where we don’t expect to find them is lurking in our inbox.

But that’s exactly where modern day monsters live. Of the millions of emails sent and received every single day, among them is a horde of ill-intentioned beasts hiding in plain sight and ready to pounce on the unsuspecting.

You don't have to take my word for it

But, perhaps you’d listen to the small and medium-sized businesses that lost an average of $2,235,000 to cyber-attacks in 2017? With the average user receiving 16 malicious emails a month, 92.4% of malware travelling via email, and fake invoices being the number one disguise for incoming malware, monsters are very much real - just maybe not in the way you imagined.

It’s hardly a shock that securing customers’ Office 365 environments has become a crucial offering for managed service providers, with studies showing that 90% of threats enter as an email attachment or link.

Warding off the cyber monsters

In fairy tales and bedtime stories, monsters are defeated using a powerful weapon or magical MacGuffin — but don’t panic if you’re all out of stakes and silver bullets. Barracuda MSP has got you covered with a monster-fighting tool, armed and able to help you identify these threats and stop them in their tracks.

The Barracuda Email Threat Scanner for Office 365 is free to use and can shine a light on spear phishing and targeted attacks that lurk in dark corners of your customers' Microsoft Office 365 account. Using an AI engine to run a retrospective scan on 365 environments, the Barracuda Email Threat Scanner can help you and your customers identify:

  • Spear Phishing and fraudulent emails
  • Employees at risk
  • Domain fraud risks
  • Mailboxes
  • Top recipients of fraud
  • Employee impersonation
  • Service impersonation
  • Types of fraud

As well as helping identify these threats, the threat scan will provide you with a comprehensive report of your customers' cybersecurity risk profile and personalised recommendations and insights into how you can best protect against advanced threats, phishing attacks and other malicious ‘monsters’.

What’s more, this Computer Security Day you can go one step further with helping your customers stay protected online with Barracuda Sentinel, the artificial intelligence engine that learns your organisation’s unique communication patterns to identify and block real-time spear phishing attempts.

Join the fight 

Over 200,000 businesses are already using our solutions to protect against cybersecurity threats. Become one of them by signing up for a free scan today. It only takes a few minutes to complete. And at the end, you’ll be much better equipped to fight off whatever frights may come your way quicker than you can shout ‘Van Helsing!’

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