Tip Tuesday: It’s time to secure your customers’ environments

Posted by Lauren Beliveau on Oct 24, 2017 8:33:00 AM

shutterstock_302508602.jpgCyber-attacks continue to increase at a rapid pace, and safeguarding your SMBs’ business-critical data from these threats has never been more difficult. Many businesses that have applications running in cloud believe that if their data resides in the cloud, then it’s safe.

Unfortunately, when it comes to security in the public cloud, vendors like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform are only responsible for the security of the cloud—not what’s in it. This means MSPs and their customers are responsible for any of their data, applications, operating systems, and network and firewall configurations that reside in a public cloud. This is called the shared responsibility model.

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Rich Turner, the cloud product marketing manager at Barracuda shared in a Smarter MSP blog post:  

“Moving to the public cloud is inevitable, and it was shown that on average organizations that use the public cloud save 25 to 40 percent per year compared to using an on-premises solution. While SMBs may be a bit slower to truly adopt the cloud, when a business needs a new server, they often find it’s more cost efficient to go to the cloud. The cloud is slowly going to become more prominent as time goes on, and while the cloud itself is secure, it’s up to you and your customers to secure the access to the cloud and any data put into it. To properly secure this environment, your customers will need cloud-based firewalls.”

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3 free resources to help you leverage and learn more about the public cloud

With more and more businesses looking to migrate to the cloud, now is the time to learn how your MSP can leverage this opportunity fully. Here are three free resources available to help you understand how to securely leverage the public cloud for your SMB customers moving forward.

  1. Mastering the Art of Selling Security-as-a-Service e-book. Interested in selling Security-as-a-Service, but not sure how to get started? Whether you’re looking to secure the cloud or add a new service to your offering, this e-book will help you leverage the right opportunities for your MSP. It can also help you overcome common challenges and avoid pitfalls. Download your free copy here.
  2. Steps to Secure Your Journey to the Public Cloud white paper. This new research conducted by Barracuda Networks and Vanson Bourne looks at global industry perceptions of the cloud, what current providers are doing, and what steps you need to take to start securing public cloud environments. The study revealed some interesting metrics, such as 83 percent of those surveyed are already leveraging the public cloud for data storage, and 63 percent admit that security fears have limited cloud migrations. To learn more about where your organization fits, download the free report.
  3. Sign up for the Cloud Ready Newsletter. Sign up for the monthly newsletter to receive the latest tips and best practices on how to secure public cloud environments. Sign up now to make sure you don’t miss out!

The public cloud is a growing opportunity for MSPs and their SMB customers, but it is your job to ensure that customers’ workloads remain secure in the cloud. These three tools can help get you started. For more information on how our public cloud firewalls can help you, please visit our product page.


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