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AwardsIt seems like MSPs are being introduced to new product enhancements and tools every day. It’s not uncommon to use technology today that we could only dream of years ago. But, in a world where change is constant, what does it mean to be truly innovative?

Innovation means that you are leading the pack, delivering fresh, creative ideas, and ultimately providing value in a new and interesting way. But, with so many exciting resources and tools in the market, it is a challenge to stand out.

That’s why it has been such an honor for BarracudaMSP’s website to be recognized as recipient of the Channelnomics 2018 Best Digital Marketing Innovation Award.

Jessica Meek, Editor of Channelnomics, recently said “Many companies like to throw the word ‘innovate’ around, but few actually do it in reality. That’s why every year we feel it so important to recognize and honor the true innovators of the channel with the Channelnomics Innovation Awards.”

As we plan for continued growth of in 2019, we’ve been looking back at our journey with the site to-date, and what has helped the site earn this distinction with Channelnomics.

The difference

When was launched in September 2017, we envisioned creating a global destination site to help MSPs improve their business and stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends. Since, we have published over 500 unique posts authored by 20 regular contributors, on topics that matter most to MSPs: sales and marketing, better business, security, and technology insight.

“Since the content is divided up by category, I can easily point MSP business owners to the material they are most interested in. Many of the MSPs I meet don’t have dedicated marketing resources or experienced sales teams – I always push them to the Sales and Marketing section for actionable tips that even a one-person IT services shop can learn from. Partners are often looking for tips on how to start offering new services or to expand their business — both are frequently covered on,” Andrew Brearton, a regional account director at Barracuda MSP explains.

Another reason the site is so popular is that the content is about MSPs bettering themselves; it’s not about a product or a company. “It provides a true value-add that I can pass along and holds value for virtually any MSP I cross paths with,” summarizes Brearton.

With over 9,000 Twitter followers and the subscribers growing at 50 percent year-over-year, it’s safe to say that Smarter MSP has made an impression on the MSP community.

Looking forward

As we move toward a new year, we are looking forward to continuing to deliver value and insight to the MSP community. And, ultimately, the opportunity to help MSPs – like you – grow your MSP business!


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