MSP New Year’s resolutions

Every year, we make resolutions. Some personal, some professional. Some we keep, some we don’t. We all start the new year off with goals and plans to have a successful, productive year.

To help you come up with your own list on what to focus on in the new year, we asked some of our MSP Partners to reflect on 2018 and look ahead to 2019. They talked about what was most memorable and what projects or goals they were looking forward to achieving in the new year.

A quick glance back

This past year brought a lot of news headlines. Some of these headlines — especially those mentioning cyber threats — can be quite lucrative for MSPs.

When we asked what the most memorable top news headline of 2018 was, we received a variety of answers. For some, there were specific stories that came to mind, like the Marriott hack, Facebook selling the Cambridge Data, and the Equifax hack. Others had more broad examples like Credit Bureau hacks, ransomware, and malware worms. Regardless if the answer is specific or not, there were a lot of headlines geared towards cyber threats.

As we move into 2019, this could be a potential opportunity for MSPs. With renewed budgets, customers might be looking to upgrade their internal security posture to protect their business from becoming the next headline.

Changing your approach in 2019

Starting with an organized approach is a great way to ring in the New Year. When asked about time saving habits, most MSPs wanted to organize and streamline more. There are a number of ways to do this, from planning ahead, and making to-do lists, to developing a task management system or leveraging automated reporting, and more.

We all have 52 weeks in the year, and we can all improve how we use that time productively. Out of the MSPs we spoke to, most of them wanted to improve how they are using technology.  Some of them want to find new technology and automated systems that can improve day-to-day operations, or specific software to help make their lives easier; SharePoint, ConnectWise, Powershell, and Intel AMT are some examples that MSPs are looking to implement.

It can be hard to break habits, especially professional ones that you do day-in and day-out. The most common thing MSPs are planning on letting go in 2019, is agonizing over lost opportunities. Instead of mulling over it, perform a quick review of things you could have done differently, what you can learn from it, and move on. It doesn’t do any good to worry about what could have been when you have a multitude of other opportunities to look forward to.

Another approach to take in the new year, is to train your staff on how to fix common technical problems. All too often, leadership needs to take time out of their day to solve small problems because of the lack of training. It takes time to train others how to solve technical problems, however, taking the time to train others on these tasks not only frees your time down the road but it is also a great professional development opportunity for those involved.

Finally, we asked what the best New Year’s resolution advice for a fellow MSP would be. The answers can be summed up nicely by Chris Cable, service manager at Techworks Consulting Inc., who said “Take the new year with a fresh start. Focus on your business and what you can improve. Take some time away from the daily grind and see what needs to be fixed to make it run smoother.”

The New Year is indeed a fresh start. Go for it, and don’t let anything hold you back.

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