Tip Tuesday: How to get more customer feedback

Tip TuesdayUnhappy customers can be the canary in the coal mine because often their complaint isn’t unique. In fact, for every customer who brings up a complaint, there are 26 who remain silent. Instead of waiting for these unhappy customers to come to you, you need to regularly seek customer feedback on how your IT service business is suiting their needs.

Feedback is an essential component to keeping your SMB customers happy. That’s why this week’s tip comes from Paula Solano of Database Technologies. Here’s the advice she shared:

“Frequently ask for feedback. Whether it’s a follow-up email after a service visit, a small survey at the end of a check-in, a feedback button on your monthly newsletter, or a conversation when they’re moving to a new service provider, consistently ask your customers for both positive and negative feedback.”

By getting a better picture of where you stand with your SMB customers, you can make the necessary adjustments to ensure they’re happy with your IT services.

3 Questions to ask to gain valuable feedback

When you ask for feedback, it’s important to not only gauge the customer’s satisfaction with the level of service you provided, but also gain insight into where you can improve. By asking open-ended questions, you can help uncover areas where your team may be excelling and areas where they may be falling short. Here are three questions you can ask to gain more meaningful feedback from your customers:

How do our services compare with your expectations?

By finding out what their expectations are, you can tailor your approach to better suit their needs. For example, they might be curious about how successful their monthly backup sets are. If you know this, you can provide them with extra detail and more peace of mind. Not all companies will want this extra communication, but by learning more about the customer’s expectations you can provide added value to them. Be sure to input this type of feedback into a CRM tool for future reference. To learn how to find the best CRM tool to suit your needs, check out this post.

What would you say to someone who asked about us?

This question gives customers the opportunity not only to share what they love about your services, but also to be honest about your shortcomings. For example, they may have had a good experience with your staff but feel like your services are pricy. While you might be able to see their satisfaction levels on a scaled question, to really understand they feel and gain valuable insight, keep this question as open-ended as possible. To learn how to incorporate this question into different types of communications, read this post.

Do you have any other comments or questions?

After they’ve answered a few questions for you, be sure to add a catch-all. This will give them the opportunity to express anything else you may have missed. Often, customers will leave this question blank, but every so often you can receive additional feedback or a question about new products or solutions.

By taking your customers’ feedback and focusing on the little things, you will start to see that those changes can make a huge impact for your MSP business. Continually seek this feedback out, even if your customers seem to be forthcoming. After all, for every person who steps forward with a complaint, there could be 26 other customers waiting to say the same thing.

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