Introducing Managed Firewalls and Managed Backup Appliances for MSPs

Efficiency is a key part of running a successful MSP, and managing routine backup and security services that customers need to keep their data safe can consume valuable technician time that MSPs could spend on more strategic activities. And let’s face it, with security and the evolving threat landscape that can be that can be a time commitment. 

That’s why we’re introducing two new MSP Professional Services offerings: Managed Firewalls and Managed Backup Appliances. To get a closer look at the new services, how they can help MSPs, and the types of customers they’re a good fit for, we talked to Brian Babineau, general manager of MSP Solutions at Barracuda.

MSP Professional Services Q&A with Brian Babineau

What’s included in the new services?

These new offerings work in conjunction with the MSP editions of the Barracuda NextGen Firewall and the Barracuda Backup Appliance by providing 24/7/365 monitoring and management, enabling MSPs to offer security and data protection to customers while freeing up your valuable resources, both time and people.

The Managed Firewall service offers 24/7/365 security event management, notification of any qualified threat and its remediation, and alerts about any communication disruptions from onsite equipment to the MSP Solutions monitoring system.

The Managed Backup Appliance service handles configuration of backups based on the preferences of the MSPs and its customers. Our technicians monitor backups on a 24/7/365 basis, perform corrective actions on failed backups, and notify the MSP of any communications disruptions. They can also run a full restore upon request.

How will these MSP professional services help MSPs?

With the new Managed Firewall, MSPs can expand their security services by offering next-generation firewall capabilities, including advanced threat protection, traffic optimization, and intrusion detection and prevention. The new MSP service reduces time spent on migration or configuration of the firewall and training technicians on how to manage it, which saves you valuable time.

The new Managed Backup Appliances offer similar benefits, enabling MSPs to easily expand their data protection offerings and reducing the time you need to spend on configuration, staff training, and day-to-day monitoring and management.

With both services, MSPs will receive a monthly consolidated report, which they can use to facilitate regular reviews with their customers and help illustrate the value of their services.

What type of customers will be interested in the new MSP Professional Services?

We believe MSPs of all sizes will be interested in these new services. For smaller MSPs that don’t have the resources or capabilities to constantly monitor the alerts and activity  needed to properly protect clients, the new MSP professional services can help.

Larger MSPs may have the in-house capabilities to conduct monitoring and management of the firewalls and backup appliances used by their customers, but they may want to allocate those resources to more strategic projects, such as moving customers to Office 365 or working with AWS. These two new services help them offload these tasks so their teams can focus on other priorities.

How do these new services fit in with the other offerings from Intronis MSP Solutions by Barracuda?

These new services are part of an offering that already includes Managed ECHOplatform, which provides day-to-day management of backups and restores, helping MSPs put time back in their day.

Alongside our MSP partners, our goal is to meet the data protection and security needs of their customers and ensure that no business fails due to data loss or an IT security breach. The new Managed Backup Appliances and Managed Firewalls services are another way to help us achieve that goal while enabling MSPs to simplify operation and maximize efficiency, making it easier for them to successfully grow their businesses.

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