Managed email security services, the new must have for MSPs

Posted by Lindsay Faria on Oct 8, 2018 2:26:28 PM

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shutterstock_225046213 (1)Based on a survey of 140 organizations conducted by Osterman Research, it’s estimated that as many as 44 percent of businesses were victims of an email attack from a compromised end user account in the past 12 months. These types of attacks can be devastating.

The severity and prevalence of email-borne attacks are only increasing, and for MSPs not currently offering email security services, it’s time to re-evaluate.

Email Security ebookWhy email security services are a must

  • Without it, there are gaps in the protection you offer customers. Plain and simple, if your service offering isn’t adapting to support the needs of your customers as the cyber security landscape evolves, you are taking unnecessary risks with your customers' businesses.
  • Your customer relationships could be at risk. If a customer’s business is impacted by an email-borne attack, they are going to call you, whether they have email security services in their contract with you or not. Their expectation is that you are doing everything you can to help protect them. By including email security services in your offering, you're putting yourself in a position where your customers are thanking you for detecting and stopping threats, not one where they are upset that more could have been done to protect them, but wasn't. 
  • The opportunity for you — as the MSP — is too big. The need and demand for these services is growing. And, SMBs are often challenged to find in-house IT employees with the security expertise required by today’s threat landscape. This means they will be looking for help, from you

What you can do next

Your customers need this protection, whether they know it or not. Our new e-book: The New Must-Have for MSPs: Managed Email Security Services will help you to better understand the email security landscape, which services SMBs are looking for and need, and provide you with tips for how to seize the email security opportunity.

Email Security ebook

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