Introducing Content Shield: Protection against web-based threats for MSPs

AnnouncementDomain Name System (DNS) server attacks are becoming a more prevalent threat than ever, and MSPs and their customers need to be prepared. According to a new study by EfficientIP, 77 percent of organizations surveyed reported experiencing a DNS attack thus far in 2018. The global frequency of these attacks is on the rise, as are the costs associated with them. The survey shows that the average cost of a DNS attack in the U.S. alone has climbed 57 percent over the past year to $654,000 in 2018.

A defense-in-depth plan is needed to protect against all vectors, including DNS attacks, but it can be a challenge to secure DNS without jeopardizing application performance. Fortunately, a new solution from Barracuda MSP is now available to help MSPs protect their customers from web-based threats by providing a cloud-based DNS server that can protect all devices on a customers’ network. As a bonus, this new solution also includes content filtering features to drive employee productivity.

We are delighted to introduce Barracuda Content Shield, the most recent addition to the Barracuda MSP portfolio of security and data protection solutions. We recently sat down with Sr. Director of Product Management at Barracuda MSP, Chris Crellin, to learn more about Content Shield and how this new solution will impact our Partners.

A Q&A on Barracuda Content Shield

What is Barracuda Content Shield?

Barracuda Content Shield is a web threat protection and content filtering solution specifically designed to help MSPs protect their customers against malicious sites and the risks associated with inappropriate content. It’s a cloud-based solution that relies on Barracuda’s extensive threat intelligence network to provide timely, up-to-date protection, even against threats that may be lying dormant.

How does the solution help MSPs and their customers?

Content Shield enables MSPs to keep their customers’ businesses safer and improve employee productivity. It’s DNS filtering functionality protects customers from web born viruses, malware, ransomware, phishing, botnets, and more. Filtering at the DNS level prevents dangerous connections between endpoints and any dangerous websites.

In addition, it provides visibility into customer web activity by enforcing access policies across all users and devices. This ensures that customer’s employees are not only protected from harmful web content, but improves adherence to violate company policy, norms, and standards.

Why is it a good fit for MSPs?

Content Shield is designed from the ground up to support a multi–tenant, MSP-friendly environment. Content shield is the perfect fit for MSPs because it was designed specifically with MSPs in mind and with their feedback incorporated throughout the development process. Our Partners are busy, and ease of management has been factored in heavily to the solution design.

The solution is configured and managed in the cloud, making it simple for service providers to maintain control of all their customers, regardless of location. It also provides comprehensive reporting that gives the MSP visibility into what is going on inside each customers’ environment.

The setup is quick and easy, taking less than a minute. There is no hardware or software to install, and features such as customizable templates that can be re-used across different customer accounts make it easy to offer this across their customer base. All of this means the MSP gets valuable time back in their day to focus on other important tasks.

What types of customers is Content Shield a good fit for?

Virtually all SMB customers are candidates for Content Shield. The web is a dangerous place, and with a whole generation of IoT devices — smart phones, digital assistants, etc. in use, the risk is higher than ever.

All businesses will find value in protection from online threats such as viruses, malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, botnets, and more. Additionally, those who want to keep their employees focused on work and maintaining productivity will be benefit from the ability to block internet distractions ranging from time wasters like Facebook and video streaming sites, to people using company time to search for other jobs.

Also, businesses who want to protect themselves from potential legal liabilities can use Content Shield as a safeguard.  Its content filtering features can prevent all types of inappropriate material such as adult content, gambling, violent material, and politically sensitive subjects from being viewed in the work environment.


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