Tip Tuesday: How to increase your employees’ productivity

Tip TuesdayProductivity is important, especially when you’re trying to run a profitable MSP business. However, many different activities can derail your staff from being as productive as they could be—and they aren’t alone. A  recent study found that out of an eight hour workday, the average worker is  productive for only a little under three hours.

Small changes can make a huge difference in how productive your employees are. And, if they’re more productive, employees can take on more tasks that enable you to grow your MSP business. This week’s tip comes from Mike J. Douglass, director of Yellowbus Solutions. In a recent Smarter MSP post, he shared how busy MSP business owners can improve their daily time management to get results:

“The first challenge for the MSP owner is to make changes that allow them to work on the business (and not in it). Once these day-to-day management activities have been transitioned successfully to other team members, the business owner can spend their valuable time on activities that can have an impact on the business and growth plans. These activities may include business plans, marketing/sales, building the team, and developing strategic partnerships.”

For more of Mike’s advice, read the rest of his post here.

3 Ways to increase productivity

It’s no secret — happy employees are more productive and engaged in their work! To fully address what’s causing tension or making employees unproductive, it’s important to understand where they’re coming from. It could be that you need a better integration or an additional team member, or they might not be a good fit for the company. Regardless of the situation, employee productivity and happiness go hand in hand. Here are three ways to keep your employees engaged at work:

Build a positive work environment. It’s important to build a positive environment that encourages collaboration. Employees should feel like their daily roles contribute to the bigger picture—and that what they do can make an impact on the business. To learn how to create a positive work environment, check out this recent post on Smarter MSP.

Invest in your team. To keep employees engaged, management needs to buy into your employees’ goals. What are their career aspirations, and how can you help them get there? This can make a big difference in how employees view themselves and how they contribute to the company’s goals. To learn more about how to increase your employees’ overall satisfaction, read this post.

Celebrate the wins. Think about a time that your company reached a milestone. Did you celebrate that accomplishment? Whether it’s closing another managed service contract or getting feedback from a happy customer, celebrate the wins with your team—especially team members who may be dealing with unhappy customers all day. Employees need to know that you appreciate their hard work, and if they’re recognized, they’ll be more likely to stay productive and focused on the tasks that impact your MSP business

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