Cloud 5: Apple's Chinese data center, Azure stack arrives

Posted by Ron Miller on Jul 14, 2017 9:56:40 AM

5 7-14-17.jpgWelcome to The Cloud 5, our weekly feature where we scour the web searching for the five most intriguing and poignant cloud links we can find.

And without further delay, here we go with this week's links:

Apple opening data center in China to comply with cybersecurity law | New York Times

Apple opened a new data center this week in China, ostensibly to comply with stricter Chinese cybersecurity laws, but given that China is Apple's second largest market after the US, it also makes sense to have a data center presence on the ground there.

IBM revamps computer network unit around Watson artificial intelligence | Bloomberg

Once again, IBM is attempting to leverage Watson technology. This time it's in its global technology services unit, where it is using artificial intelligence to detect computer problems automatically. For instance, it could automatically provision additional cloud servers when an application has reached capacity.

A cloud in your data center? Azure Stack arrives | InfoWorld

Microsoft announced the release of Azure Stack this week, including its cloud in the data center package. If you're thinking this is somewhat paradoxical, you're not wrong, but the idea is to provide a set of cloud services that run inside a private data center. As the writer points out, it will never be as comprehensive as Azure public cloud because some services require scale a private data center just isn't capable of delivering, but it offers a private version of Azure for those who won't go to the public cloud.

Is SaaS slipping into the legacy app abyss? | eCommerce Times

At first glance, this may seem to be an absurd question with Salesforce, Box, Workday, Zendesk, and other SaaS vendors showing no signs of slowing down. Yet the author raises some valid points that as these companies make further headway into the enterprise, the applications are growing in complexity and more companies are looking for customization, two main factors that led to companies to switch from earlier generations of software.

Intel tries to protect its 90% market share in the data center | Fortune

Intel has a huge presence in corporate and cloud data centers. Yet its position is under attack from various competitors including nVidia, whose GPU chips have become wildly popular in recent years to drive artificial intelligence and machine learning applications. This week's release is an attempt by the chip giant to right the ship and maintain its market dominance.

Photo Credit: Tomma Henckel. Used under CC 2.0 license.

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