Celebrate your favorite backup win!

Backup is often to unsung hero of the IT channel. When data backup goes right, your customers barely notice that there was a problem. All they know is that you kept them up and running. They don’t realize that you and your team just averted a major disaster without breaking a sweat.

That’s why we invited our MSP partners to share their favorite #backupwin on Twitter to help celebrate World Backup Day, which is coming up on March 31.

And we’ve gotten some great responses so far! Here are a few of our favorites:

Some of you have also shared solid advice about how to help guarantee a #backupwin the next time you need to do a restore for a customer.

Join the conversation by sharing your favorite #backupwin on Twitter. We know every MSP has had those moments when you get to save the day and feel like a superhero because you had the right backup and disaster recover plan in place for a client. Let’s celebrate those wins together!

Photo: chris_tina/Shutterstock.com


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