Lessons from the Heartland: Finding value in true partnerships

Posted by Lindsay Faria on May 8, 2015 2:03:00 PM

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We recently had the pleasure of joining one of our channel partners, Heartland Technology Solutions, for their annual internal company kickoff, and what a great experience it was! Heartland Technology Solutions (HTS) is a leading provider of IT support and managed IT services for small to mid-sized businesses and K-12 school districts across the Midwest.

HTS_event_20150421Once a year, the company brings together their management, technical, and sales teams for a recognition and training event. In the spirit of true partnership, HTS invited Intronis to join them for the event. So, our chairman and CEO, Rick Faulk, and our VP of Partner Success, Jasmine Lombardi, packed their bags and headed to Kansas City.

One big happy family

Jasmine and Rick were lucky enough to meet employees from HTS’s seven offices, which are spread across five states, and to see the presentation of 15-, 20-, and 25-year service awards–how fun! Rick remarked upon his return: "It seems the HTS team is one big happy family and very passionate about serving their customers. No doubt both are a key to HTS’ success.”

Before leaving, Rick and Jasmine also had the opportunity to talk with the group about how the latest developments in the Intronis backup and data protection platform can be used to create new business opportunities and offer new value to their customers.

Insight from the Partner

While I didn’t make the trek to Kansas, I worked closely with the HTS team to coordinate our participation. During the process, I connected with Connie Arentson, VP of Service and Operations, and Josh Mark, a BOT engineer for HTS and their internal Intronis expert, for a quick Q&A.

What made you decide to use Intronis? 

CA: We initially looked at Intronis due to the backup solution being a solid cloud solution. We hadn’t had a solution for backup that allowed our client base that option of a pure cloud backup.

What makes your relationship with Intronis valuable to you? 

CA:  There is very little support needed once a solution is in place, and the solution works. Intronis has also invested in building a relationship with our team, which fits right into our value set of building trust and strong relationships. Intronis has been patient and helpful as we have begun to build our practice, and have done a great job working to educate us to support their solution.

JM: In my role as a technician, I find the most value lies within the expansive Knowledge Base. There are hundreds of technical articles available to us in there. Also, I appreciate the ease-of-access to an extremely helpful support team via phone or computer chat.

What are the most valuable lessons you’ve learned that you would share with other MSPs getting their start?  

CA:  Lessons would be to pay attention to the things that need to be done daily to support clients. Don’t let daily things fall behind. Stay in communication with clients all along the way. They may not see you very much once you start managed services, so you have to find other ways to touch and communicate with clients.

JM: For technicians new to the Intronis family, I would highly recommend diving into the Knowledge Base articles as well as the available Partner training videos/certification course. And if you have any issue that is outside of your comfort level, never hesitate to reach out to the support team. It is full of very bright and helpful individuals that are eager to assist.

Tell us about a time that Intronis has saved (or helped) you or a customer.

JM: Fortunately for our clients, we have not had any major hardware failures or natural disasters. There have been multiple scenarios when important documents and/or files had been deleted, however. With the Intronis ECHOplatform, we were able to restore the items without having to bother the client with remote access. All it took was a quick phone call, and they were back to work in no time and impressed by the quickness and ease of use.

Hug your customers (or Partners!)

As you know, we are big proponents of including events in your organization's activity plans, both marketing-driven ones where you host customers, as well as internal employee-only events. Our experience at HTS' kickoff was another example of how important and beneficial it is to integrate tightly with your partners or customers. All of our successes are tied together, so it’s important that we learn about each other’s goals and visions, and how we can help support them.

It’s worth giving a bit of thought to how you can incorporate these lessons into your own IT services business. How can you tighten your customer relationships today? What are some best practices you can put into action right now?

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