Bare Metal Restore from Intronis makes it easy to start over

Posted by John Farrell on Aug 5, 2014 11:24:00 AM

This week we announced the addition of bare metal restore to the Intronis ECHOplatform, enabling you to take an image of any PC and recover back to the original or a replacement system.Intronis - Bare Metal Restore Icon

Intronis bare metal restore comes standard and at no additional cost as part of the Intronis ECHOplatform, which is available on our flat-rate, unlimited storage U2 Plan.

Our goal with the bare metal restore release is to offer complete protection for your SMBs’ desktops, laptops and servers. We also want to make it easy for your SMBs to start over, and so we have designed our imaging tool in a way that eliminates any barriers to a fast recovery.

With bare metal restore (BMR) from Intronis, you can react to data corruption or hardware failure by recovering an image:

  •          Back to the original system
  •          To a different machine with similar hardware configuration
  •          To a different machine with an entirely different hardware configuration

That last bullet is important – our automated BMR solution takes a lot of grunt work off your plate by supporting a wide variety of dissimilar hardware. That reduces the need for you to supply or install drivers before restoring an image to a new machine.

We recognized that in many recovery situations, you need to restore an image from an older model machine to a brand-new system. But no matter your hardware situation, Intronis BMR can help you meet any use case and protect your SMBs under any circumstance.

Our BMR solution includes a few other restore benefits, including:

Automated Restore
You can easily recreate your original system in a few steps without having to manually build volumes on the new system before a recovery.
Point-in-Time Restore
A volume-level point-in-time restore functionality gives you the flexibility to recover to a backup at any specific time.

The beta period for BMR lasted several weeks, and we heard encouraging feedback from partners who test-drove the new feature. One remarked how easy it was to use our automated restore functionality. Others praised the feature's ability to restore to dissimilar hardware without having to install drivers, and the ease with which they were able to restore to a virtual machine.

On its own, Intronis BMR is a powerful solution to support your SMBs’ fast recovery. But its value is even greater as a crucial part of the entire Intronis ECHOplatform. In one tool you can cover the full data protection spectrum, protecting everything from Hyper-V virtual machines to Exchange mailboxes to entire physical machines, and everything in between.

Critically, the Intronis ECHOplatform also offers the flexibility to recover the way you want – even if you want to take a system image and turn it into a virtual machine, as you can with our image backup solution.

It’s about putting more power in our partners’ hands, enabling you to flexibly support your SMBs the way you see fit. With the Intronis ECHOplatform in your toolbox, you’re in a better position to take care of your clients and earn significant revenue along the way.

John Farrell is Product Manager at Intronis.

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