World Backup Day: 4 MSPs save the day with backup

Cloud Backup and RecoveryDisasters happen. Whether it’s a flood, a ransomware attack, a failed hard drive, or a careless employee that accidentally deletes large amounts of data, nightmare scenarios can strike a small business at any time. But those stories don’t have to end with data loss.

As an MSP, you know that with the right backup solutions and disaster recovery plans in place it can be easy to save the day for your customers.

World Backup Day, happening March 31, is an excellent time to celebrate these types of backup success stories. That’s why we’ve been encouraging MSPs to share their #BackupWin stories with us on Twitter this month. In the spirit of World Backup Day, we’d like to share a few of our favorite backup stories from our MSP partners.

MSP vs. a hurricane

What happened: Hurricane Sandy flooded one of Healthy IT’s radiologist clients on Long Island

How the MSP saved the day: The staff helped the client set up computers in a new temporary space, and then they logged into Barracuda Intronis Backup and downloaded the client’s most recent backup from the cloud.

What the MSP says: “Within a couple of hours, the restore was complete, and less than 30 minutes of data was lost in the process,” says Scott Sanford, president of Healthy IT. “During this same period, we heard a lot of horror stories from other practices that were affected by the hurricane and took several weeks to get back up and running, and they lost weeks’ worth of data.”

MSP vs. ransomware

What happened: One of Computing Technolgies Inc.’s largest customers was hit with ransomware, and when they notified the MSP around 1TB of data had been affected

How the MSP saved the day: It has only been two hours since the MSP has backed up the customer’s data with Barracuda Intronis Backup, so the team was able to mitigate the risk by restoring the original files.

What the MSP says: “Within 24 hours, their business was back up and running again, and they only lost two hours of work because we were able to restore every one of their files that were saved during the final backup prior to the ransomware attack,” explains Corey DeGrandchamp, owner/president of Computing Technologies.

MSP vs. failed hard drives

What happened: One of the eight hard drives a multi-million-dollar HVAC company uses to run the software for remotely monitoring and troubleshooting its client’s temperature-controlled environments failed. When a new drive was installed, all the extra writing that needed to take place while the system rebuilt itself was enough to cause one of the other drives to fail, and soon the entire system went down.

How the MSP saved the day: Everything was backed up on a Barracuda Backup appliance, so Horizon Managed Services was able to restore its customer’s mission-critical application within four hours, followed by additional virtual machines a few hours later.

What the MSP says: “Eventually their remaining file server, non-critical applications, and the remaining portion of their 2 TB data set were restored, and the appliance did everything it was supposed to do,” says Ricky Wilkerson, an IT technician at Horizon Managed Services. “If it had failed, our customer would likely be out of business today.”

MSP vs. accidental deletion

What happened: A staff member at an eight-CPA firm had accidentally deleted 10 years’ worth of tax returns and accounting data for the firm’s individual, corporation, and fiduciary clients when trying to delete files from an old computer — without realizing it was connected to the network.

How the MSP saved the day: While the firm’s staff was out of the office for a Christmas lunch, Brent Fairbanks of Electronis & Computer Specialities, Inc. logged into the Barracuda ECHOplatform portal to access the customer’s backup history, found the last backup before the files were deleted, located the files and folders, indicated the path on the network where he wanted them to be restored, and pressed the “Restore” button. In under an hour, all 40 GB of data were restored. Because backups were scheduled four times per day during tax season, even returns processed that morning were recovered.

What the MSP says: “When the client returned from lunch, everything was working, and no one even realized there had been a problem — except for me, the tier-1 support person, and the owner,” says Fairbanks.

What’s your favorite backup success story? Share your story about a time you were able to save the day for a customer in the comments below or join the #backupwin conversation on Twitter. And have a happy World Backup Day!


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