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Posted by Lauren Beliveau on Sep 25, 2018 8:15:00 AM

shutterstock_615883352More than three-quarters of targeted cyber-threats start with an email, and according to a global research study conducted by Barracuda in June 2018, 87 percent of IT professionals said that their company faced an email-based security attack in the past year.

Because email threats can be so sophisticated – and so dangerous – it is important to ensure that you SMB customers’ have a multi-layered email security solution in place. Offering this to our Partners is something we take great pride in at Barracuda MSP, and it is also one reason why were recently named a winner in the Email Security category for Channelnomics’ 2018 Security Awards. The 2018 Channelnomics Security Awards recognized thirty companies they considered to the trail-blazers in the security industry. The list included resellers, MSPs, MSSPs, vendors, and distributors whose innovations stand out from their security industry peers. In an ever-changing and growing email security marketplace, we are honored to have received this recognition.

A multi-layered approach to email security

Barracuda MSP partners are equipped with easy-to-deploy, easy-to-manage, multi-layered security solutions that help them protect their SMBs, while growing their own business. By leveraging Barracuda's advanced threat intelligence, we can help MSP businesses detect, prevent and recover their SMB customers from advanced threats.

Our email security products are designed with the intention of helping you protect a wide-variety of SMB customers from today’s most insidious attacks. Here are a few of the tools you can use to start offering your customers a multi-layered approach to email security today:


Deliver security awareness training with Managed PhishLine. The first line of defense is customer education. Our Managed PhishLine offering is a phishing simulation and end user security awareness training service. This will help your customers’ employees recognize how to spot, avoid, and report real-world attacks. Security education is important, but we also recognize that it can be time consuming. That’s why we offer this as a managed service. Allow us to do the work and provide you with helpful reporting while you focus on other important revenue generating activities.

In a recent post, Neal Bradbury, senior director of business development at Barracuda MSP, talked about the complexities of PhishLine and how it can help you protect SMB customers. “Essentially, the PhishLine platform can simulate a real-world attack, and instead of becoming victims, users are taken to an educational resource that will help them learn how to avoid similar attacks in the future. The platform also includes data capture, analytics, and reporting, as well as continual, complex analysis of employee performance. So, PhishLine helps you take security education to the next level for your customers.”

Barracuda Email Threat Scan

Essentials-Email-MSP_TileProvide email resiliency with Barracuda Essentials – MSP. This product brings enterprise-grade protection to small- to medium-sized businesses and leverages Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to detonate potential attacks in a sandbox environment before they arrive in your customers’ inbox. This helps you protect click-happy customers from falling victim to malicious email attack attempts.

Partners taking advantage of this solution are quick to see its value. “There have been instances where we thought that Barracuda Essentials filtered a legitimate email, but it turned out to be malicious. It’s nice knowing that if a virus gets through our security defenses, we can use the BDR. But, being able to prevent problems before they happen is even better because it saves our customers and us more time to focus on what really matters,” shares David Rolleri of InterDev of Alpharetta, GA.

Sentinel-Tile_MSPOffer advanced fraud protection with Barracuda Sentinel – MSP. This product uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze communication patterns to prevent spear phishing attacks. It also uses DMARC authentication to monitor emails sent from your domain offering granular visibility and analysis to help ensure deliverability of legitimate email traffic and prevent unauthorized activity.

“We’re really excited about Barracuda’s latest offering, Sentinel, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to learn organizations’ unique communications patterns to identify and block real-time spear phishing attempts. There’s so much potential with AI,” explains Sean Powers, director of sales, RTM Communications, Inc. of Bedford, NH.

Combining these three products can help you protect your SMB customers from a variety of attacks including business email compromise, account takeovers, phishing attacks, and more.

More good news

To add to the excitement of being recognized by Channelnomics, this week we have also been named to CRN’s 2018 Cloud Partner Program Guide. This annual program offers guidance for IT providers looking to evaluate IT vendors who can best meet the needs of their SMB customers. We are proud of this distinction, and are happy to continue helping our Partners provide award-winning solutions to their customers.

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