Adding SharePoint Online backup to our Office 365 solution

Businesses of all sizes use SharePoint Online for document management, internal workflows, and team collaboration, and it’s quickly gaining popularity over the on-prem version of the solution because it’s accessible from anywhere and easily scalable. One challenge MSPs face, though, is that SharePoint Online has limited backup functionality and retention policies.

That’s why we’re adding cloud-to-cloud backup for SharePoint Online to Barracuda Essentials for Office 365 – Intronis MSP Edition.

More control over backups

With SharePoint Online, MSPs have no control over when backups run, how frequently they run, or how long backups are retained. Across the board, Microsoft backs up SharePoint Online every 12 hours, and backups are kept for just 14 days. That can cause problems for MSPs, making it impossible to meet Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) for customers with more specific requirements or that need to retain backups for a longer period of time to stay compliant.

Adding cloud-to-cloud backup with Barracuda Essentials for Office 365 – Intronis MSP Edition gives you greater control over SharePoint Online backups and helps eliminate these challenges. This functionality backs up all files and folders in both team sites and public sites, including document libraries, site assets, and picture libraries. It also provides on-demand, customizable scheduling and unlimited retention, making it possible for you to adjust backup frequency and retention as needed to easily meet each customer’s specific needs. Plus, storing a backup somewhere besides the primary data source is a best practice that can be important in some highly regulated industries.

Simplified restores

Restores can also pose a significant challenge for MSPs trying to support SharePoint Online customers. First of all, restores can’t be started manually, and MSPs have to contact Microsoft support in order to restore a SharePoint Online site, which can be time-consuming.

It’s also not possible to do more granular restores because Microsoft only restores at the site level. That means even if you only need to restore a few files or folders, you will need to do a full restore, which will overwrite any recent data or changes that have been made since that point in time. RPO is a challenge with restores as well. Microsoft can’t restore files older than 186 days or site collections older than 14 days.

The cloud-to-cloud backup available through Barracuda Essentials for Office 365 – Intronis MSP Edition eliminates both of these challenges. Its granular restore capabilities allows MSPs to do file level search and restore, downloading directly from the Barracuda Cloud without overwriting existing data. You’ll also get access to detailed backup, restore, and audit reporting.

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This new addition to Barracuda Essentials for Office 365 – Intronis MSP Edition is designed to make it easier for managed service providers to fully support their SharePoint Online customers. The solution gives you more control over backups, restores, and RPOs, and allows you to provide those services without disrupting your customers’ productivity.

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