A look back at the year since Barracuda acquired Intronis

Last week marked the one-year anniversary of Barracuda acquiring Intronis and jumpstarting our focus in the MSP marketplace. It’s an exciting milestone for all of us here, and it gives me a chance to reflect on everything that we’ve accomplished over the past 365 days.

Time has moved quickly, but so have we. In the past 12 months, we’ve completed a multi-product expansion, adding MSP editions of the Barracuda Backup appliance and virtual appliance, Barracuda Essentials for Office 365, and the Barracuda NextGen F-Series Firewall to our portfolio.  All of these have been welcomed by our customers. We didn’t stop with products, though. We also expanded our MSP Solutions group internationally, successfully bringing those same products to MSPs in the UK and Western Europe.

Growth and expansion

While many acquisitions start with a transition period, we were more aggressive and underwent more of a transformation. Shifting from one product to four offerings, two of which were security-related — a market segment that had not been a target of Intronis’ core business, and entering a new geography is akin to building two additions to a house while a family is still living in it. In our case, we added several new floors (the products) and expanded the bottom floor to cover more of the lot (our international growth).  We wanted to grow and transform our house while keeping it comfortable for everyone inside (our employees and existing partners).

I’m extremely proud of everyone here on the Intronis team for quickly learning new products and getting up to speed to be able to market, sell, and support them.

I’ve also been impressed by our MSP partners and the trust they’ve shown us as we’ve added new products. It was important for us to get our customers to understand and believe in our vision of being a complete data protection and security solution for MSPs, and from what our partners are telling us, I think we’ve achieved that.

Lessons from our MSP partners

One thing I’ve learned over the past year is that if you listen to your customers and understand how they do business, they’ll lead you in the right direction. For example, ransomware threats have been in the marketplace for a while with many attacks targeted at larger enterprises — many of which made headline news when the breaches needed to be disclosed. The same type of ransomware skyrocketed within small and mid-size business. Our MSPs saw this first because they were on the front lines trying to unlock files and recover from older backups so local credit unions, medical offices, and other small businesses didn’t have to pay ransom for the data they needed to run their respective companies.

This led to our working with MSPs to understand the value of using security offerings to prevent ransomware threats from entering the company’s IT environment, in addition to having local and remote backups in case older versions of a file is needed. Now the entire marketplace is talking about ransomware, but we’re one of only a few vendors offering a comprehensive way to help MSPs combat it.

I appreciate the complete transparency of our MSP partners. They’re specific and candid, letting us know both when we get it right and where we have room to improve.

Continuing commitment to MSPs

One thing that’s stayed the same throughout our transformation is that we still wake up every day 100-percent committed to the MSP marketplace. Our team’s focus on our MSP partners and helping them succeed has stayed constant even with the stress of becoming a multi-product, multi-national organization.

As we make our transformation, it’s exciting to see that we are intercepting market trends in real time. MSPs have an increased appetite for security. BDR has always been top of mind for MSPs, but with cyberattacks on the rise, the reasons businesses need those services has changed, bringing security to the forefront. It reaffirms that we’re on the right track and that our vision for a complete solution is resonating with MSPs.

This year was all about growth via expansion on the product and geographic side. Looking ahead, we plan to emphasize our focus on research and development. Specifically, I look forward to investing time and effort in the ECHOplatform and making it the central hub where MSPs can run their business and manage all of their Barracuda solutions. ECHOplatform is also the place where we can connect our security and data protection portfolio with common RMM and PSA tools regularly used by our customers.

The past 365 days have been an incredible journey for our team, and we are happy to have done it with our MSP partners. I’m excited to see what the next 365 will bring.

Photo Credit by Annie Spratt 

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