3 Types of SMBs that are good candidates for appliance-based backup

As an MSP, you want options. You serve a variety of customers, and they all have different needs and IT environments. You know it takes flexibility to meet those needs and keep everyone’s data protected.

The tricky part can be figuring out what type of backup solution is right for each customer. Some SMBs only have a small number of work stations and a small amount of data to protect, so the answer is pretty straightforward — cloud backup. For others, a physical or virtual backup appliance is a better fit.

To help make it easier to identify potential appliance customers, I pulled together a list of three types of SMBs that would be good candidates for an appliance-based backup solution:

1. Customers without a current backup solution

If a potential customer doesn’t have a backup solution in place already, an appliance is often the easiest answer to getting their data protected quickly. An all-in-one appliance will allow you to introduce integrated backup software, local storage, and remote storage, and you can have it set up in under an hour.

Plus, appliance-based backup will give you, the MSP, total control over the SMB’s backups. Some cloud backup options allow customers to access the software and change settings, which can cause problems down the road, particularly if the customer isn’t very tech savvy. An appliance-based solution will give you that next level of control.

2. Customers with limited processing power

Appliance-based backup can also be a good fit for customers using machines with limited processing power. For many cloud backup solutions, you need to install an agent on each of your customer’s machines, and that can take up valuable processing power. If a potential customer is concerned about backup hogging some of their processing power, an appliance will help address their concerns.

3. Customers with virtualized environments

There are also virtual backup appliances, which can be a smart solution for SMBs with existing virtual environments. A virtual appliance can back up both physical and virtual environments, so it works well for customers with infrastructure that is partially or fully virtualized. It is also a good fit for customers that want to use their own storage or need a backup solution that scales easily.

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