Celebrate your favorite backup win!

Posted by Anne Campbell on Mar 15, 2018 3:56:43 PM

Backup is often to unsung hero of the IT channel. When data backup goes right, your customers barely notice that there was a problem. All they know is that you kept them up and running. They don't realize that you and your team just averted a major disaster without breaking a sweat.

That's why we invited our MSP partners to share their favorite #backupwin on Twitter to help celebrate World Backup Day, which is coming up on March 31.

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Topics: Cloud Backup and Recovery

Tip Tuesday: How to grow your MSP with cloud backup

Posted by Anne Campbell on Mar 13, 2018 7:05:00 AM

If you let small business customers pick and choose the IT services they want, they’ll often miss critical services, such as cloud backup, that they need to keep their data safe. One way to address this concern and make sure all your customers have appropriate coverage is to bundle a cloud backup service like Intronis Backup into your standard offering.

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Tip Tuesday: How to make managing data a breeze

Posted by Lauren Beliveau on Mar 6, 2018 8:27:00 AM

World Backup Day (March 31) will be here before you know it! Data protection continues to play an important role in keeping your SMB customer’s business-critical data safe from disaster. After all, data loss can be quite expensive, and businesses can lose between $926 and $17,244 for every minute that their business is stalled.

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Tip Tuesday: Alleviate your customer service woes

Posted by Lauren Beliveau on Feb 27, 2018 8:14:00 AM

Getting new SMB customers on board with managed service contracts can be pricy. In fact, it can cost up to five times as much as keeping the ones you already have. That’s why it’s essential to learn effective methods to retain and keep your existing customer base happy.

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Tip Tuesday: How to save more time with your integrations

Posted by Lauren Beliveau on Feb 20, 2018 8:15:00 AM

Time is one thing that most people want to get back in their day. It’s no secret that growing your MSP business can be time-consuming. But, instead of constantly putting your projects and growth-building activities on the backburner, maximize your time by fully utilizing the resources that are available to you.

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How the Barracuda Security Insight platform can help MSPs

Posted by Anne Campbell on Feb 15, 2018 1:06:59 PM

Keeping up with the most recent advanced threat trends can be a challenge in today’s constantly evolving security landscape. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Barracuda Security Insight. This new advisory platform provides real-time threat intelligence and security risk information that you can use to help your team and your customers stay aware of current global threat levels. 

To give you a closer look at what the platform is, how it works, and how you can use it to help your MSP business and your customers, we spoke with Neal Bradbury, senior director of business development at Barracuda MSP and vice chair of CompTIA’s IT Security Community.

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Topics: Cyber Security

Tip Tuesday: When to stop wasting your time with a lead

Posted by Lauren Beliveau on Feb 13, 2018 8:09:00 AM

Time is one of your most valuable assets—which is why it’s important to make the most of the time you have. One of the toughest lessons to learn is when to give up on a lead. While you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to generate more recurring revenue, there’s often a point where it’s time to walk away.

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Tip Tuesday: How to avoid the new impersonation attacks

Posted by Lauren Beliveau on Feb 6, 2018 8:12:00 AM

The adoption of web-based applications in small and medium-sized businesses has increased tremendously over the past few years, so it’s no surprise that web application attacks continue to grow. In the 2017 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, web application attacks were the number-one cause of data breaches. More and more SMBs are moving their day-to-day operations to applications like Google Docs, Outlook, and DocuSign, leaving them vulnerable to some of today’s sophisticated cyber-attacks.

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Tip Tuesday: Data privacy and protection

Posted by Lauren Beliveau on Jan 30, 2018 8:11:00 AM

On Jan. 28, the world celebrated Data Protection Day, but if you live outside of Europe, you might know it as Data Privacy Day. This day was started to promote awareness of data protection and privacy issues and educate users on best practices.

This week’s tip comes from the U.S. Small Business Administration and Stay Safe Online, which both encourage small businesses to educate consumers on privacy best practices. Here is a small excerpt from their awareness flyer:

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Tip Tuesday: Avoid social selling faux pas

Posted by Anne Campbell on Jan 23, 2018 7:25:00 AM

social selling faux pas.jpgNo matter what industry you work in, reaching potential customers can be a challenge. A recent Spiceworks study showed that on average IT buyers are being contacted 22 times per week by technology sales reps or marketers—13 times by email, five times by phone, two times through online forums or communities, once through social media, and once by physical mail.

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Topics: Sales Process, Social Media

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