What to expect from your email marketing campaigns

Posted by Raj Khera on Feb 24, 2016 1:01:01 PM

email_marketing-2.jpgThe Direct Marketing Association reports that the average return on investment for every $1 invested in email marketing is $38. This is by far the highest ROI for any form of direct response marketing.

MSP marketing can become a lot easier using data-driven insights. MailerMailer, makers of Presstacular, ran a big data analysis on more than 1 billion email messages and uncovered many useful tips that can help you improve your email marketing response rates.

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Elements of a Good Email Blast

Make a few small tweaks, and you’ll increase the chances that your contacts will respond to your email campaigns and buy your data backup options. Here’s a small sampling of what we’ll cover in our webinar on What to Expect From Your Email Campaigns:

1. Include These Words in Your Email Subject Line

MailerMailer looked at email subject lines and found that the ones which have the best open rates tend to talk about news and events and have an element of timeliness. Using words like news, newsletter, report, week, today, and related terms showed an increase in responsiveness.

2. Add a Timely News Item Relating to IT

When your marketing only talks about your company, your products, your services, and your projects, people eventually tune out. Email campaigns that don’t provide value are quickly deleted.

Rather than trying a hard sell with promotional emails, use informative IT articles to educate your readers about something that could affect their business. There is no shortage of security alerts or stories of data theft.

 Share the latest news to create awareness about what could happen if your contact doesn’t have a robust data backup and security solution in place. Give your contacts a checklist of things to do in case of a bad weather event or power outage. Offer a guide to navigate through the variety of cloud options they have so they feel like they’re making an informed decision about their IT.

 Include an image to enhance the visual appeal of your newsletter. There are several free stock photo websites you can use to find an ideal image.


3. Personalize Your Message Body with the Recipient’s First Name

There is a dramatic uptick in the number of people who open a message when they see their first name in the first few lines of the message preview. Email marketing tools can automatically do a mail merge with your contact list so that every recipient gets a message addressed to them.

Be careful. Too much personalization can be a turn-off so avoid adding personalization information in the email’s subject line. It will result in much lower responsiveness.

4. Include a Specific Call to Action

Instead of including the entire text of what you want your recipients to read, type a teaser that is about three to four lines to get your reader interested in your topic. Then, provide a call to action that encourages them to click for details. When you send your campaigns using an email marketing tool, you can track who is opening and reading every component of your message. This allows you to see who is interested in what. And that tells you who to reach out to for follow up and what topics they found useful so you know how to start your dialog.

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Want to learn the best day of the week and time of the day to send your message for maximum impact, how long your subject line should be, what average open and click rates are for IT companies who send email campaigns, and much more?

Join me on Thursday, March 3, at 2 p.m. Eastern for the webinar What to Expect from Your Email Campaigns. It will be a deep dive into marketing insights that will give your email campaigns stronger traction. Attendees will receive a free copy of the full email marketing metrics report, one of the most widely referenced online resources for email campaign effectiveness.

Learn more in our email marketing webinar

raj_khera.jpgAbout the Author: Raj Khera is the author of No. 1 Amazon Bestseller, The IT Marketing Crash Course, and partner of MailerMailer, makers of Presstacular — an affordable, automated marketing tool for small MSPs. He has built and sold three other technology businesses.

Photo Credit: RaHuL Rodriguez via Flickr. Used under Creative Commons 2.0 Liscence. 


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