Tech Time Warp: The GIF that keeps on giving

Posted by Lauren Beliveau on Dec 23, 2016 12:37:00 PM

gifts-1622996_640.jpgIt’s the season of GIFs! Whether you celebrate the holidays or not, this is the GIF that keeps on giving—and no, we don’t mean that Yankee Swap gift that seems to show up every year. This Tech Time Warp offers a brief history of GIFs (Graphic Interchange Format), as well as a few of our favorite GIFs in the office.

A brief history of GIFs

The problem with GIFs was that Unisys had a patent on LZW (a data compression method), but CompuServe had been using that technique in GIFs since 1987, something Unisys didn’t become aware of until 1993). In that timeframe, GIFs became widespread and could be found on countless sites.

The uproar really began when CompuServe and Unisys decided on December 24, 1994, that any commercial use of GIFs would require paying a licensing fee to Unisys—something that caused business owners to want to “Burn All the GIFs.”  In 2004, the licensing expired worldwide making GIFs free to use.

Our Favorite GIFs

Today, GIFs are part of our pop culture. They can convey our moods, help us communicate on social media, and even help us sell new products. To celebrate GIFs this holiday season, our office put together a few of our favorites.

When your other half tries to convince you holiday shopping won't be THAT bad: 

When your coworkers bring in your favorite dessert to share: 

Walking out of work on Friday like: 

When you're trying to avoid an awkward conversation at the dinner table: 

 Ringing in the New Year: 

 What we think our New Year's resolutions will be: 

 What actually happens: 


Happy Holidays from our team to yours: 

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