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Posted by Lauren Beliveau on Jun 10, 2016 2:10:14 PM

Floppy.pngThis tech time warp will bring you back to June 1989. A few months earlier,“Information Management: A Proposal” was drawn up, which would become the foundation of the Internet. It started as an idea to help scientists share information globally. Clearly, it evolved into much more than that.

Computing is getting easier

But back in 1989 people still struggled with technology. Remember the days of the VCR? We recently uncovered a copy of Compute magazine from June 1989. In an article titled “Discoveries,” David Stanton, shared how a colleague can’t grasp how to record on her VCR. He explained that little things like this were making users leery of learning how to use a computer, especially because you had to learn a completely different interface from one computer to the next.

In 1989, this began to change, and DOS (disk operating systems) slowly became more uniform. The computers themselves were different enough, but they all had the same feel. Stanton said: “This trend toward uniformity holds great promise for both current and potential computer users. The less time we all spend learning about computers, the more time we can spend learning with them.”

If you want to read more of the article and see more retro technology ads, check out the issue of Compute magazine for yourself. If you miss being able to run those old DOS programs on your Windows computer, check out this new MS-DOS player, and it will really bring you back. A lot has changed in the past 27 years. VCRs and DOS may be a thing of the past, but computers have become an extension of our lives. We use DVRs to easily record multiple shows and save them to the cloud. Now the biggest battle over operating systems and user interface is playing out between Android and iPhone, and everyone is picking sides. Want an easier interface to check your emails, go with an Android. If you want to integrate your music easily with iTunes; the iPhone is a no-brainer. Wherever you fall on that debate, you have to admit that technology is continually becoming easier for us to use. 

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