Remix: The secret to transitioning more of your break-fix customers

Posted by Chef Adam LaRock on Jan 25, 2016 12:00:00 PM

Chef_Adam.pngI was talking to one of our Partners the other day about how they’re struggling to convert the last of their break-fix customers to managed service contracts. It’s a common problem for MSPs, and I know it can be really frustrating.

I was thinking about the best way to deal with it, and I decided to make tacos to help get my creative juices flowing. Maybe it’s just me, but food always helps me think better.  Now, tacos are my favorite food, so I’m always in the mood for a good taco. It also happened to be lunchtime, so, it was a win-win.

As I was adding some extra hot sauce to my first taco, it hit me. Converting break-fix customers isn’t that different from making a good taco. It’s all about having the right filling.

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Let me explain.  You won’t put plain, dry ground beef in a taco, right? You have to add the right spices to give it flavor. Otherwise, your taco will be bland and gross, and who would wants to eat that? Not me.

Well, when you’re talking to a break-fix customer about switching to a managed service contract, you have to make sure you have an appealing introductory package seasoned with services that meet their needs and address their pain points.

Come join me in the kitchen for a minute, and I’ll show you what I mean—and how to use it to win over those stubborn holdouts. 


Recipe for Success: How to Transition the Rest of Your Break-Fix Customers to Managed Services

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