Remix: The benefits of offering a hybrid BCDR solution

Posted by Chef Adam LaRock on Oct 26, 2015 12:28:48 PM

Remix with Chef Adam LaRockI’m not afraid to admit it. Sometimes, I need a little backup in the kitchen, another chef to help me prepare a more involved dish. And today is one of those days.

You see, I’ve been thinking about our latest Recipe for Success, How to Set Up an Intronis Hybrid Local-Cloud BCDR Solution. It’s all about creating a solution with the Intronis ECHOplatform that lets you restore an application workloads in minutes, minimizing downtime for business-critical operations.

Intronis hybrid BCDR  

To me, it’s sort of like getting to have both cookies and cupcakes for dessert — the best of both worlds. Think about it, with a hybrid BCDR solution, you get the fast restores that local resources make possible AND the centralized management and administration that the cloud allows. They’re both good things.

Not sold on the food metaphor? That’s why I invited Chris Crellin, who heads up our product management team here at Intronis, to the kitchen today. He’s got some great insights into why a hybrid BDCR solution is a good thing and can explain even more about what makes the Intronis solution unique. Come join us. I might even share a cookie with you.

Intronis hybrid local cloud BCDR  

Topics: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, Recipes for Success

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