What’s new in the Intronis Fall Release

Posted by Chris Crellin on Oct 27, 2015 10:07:33 AM

intronis fall releaseIn June, we announced our push to drive your Intronis partner experience to new levels of quality, and now I’m back with a brief progress report. I’m happy to report that we just completed the successful rollout of the Fall Release of the Intronis ECHOplatform, which continues the enhancements we started this past Summer. As with our Summer Release, our focus is on leveraging software intelligence to further streamline your operations and enhance the value of your services.

Allow me to drill down on a handful of specific features that we’re most excited about in the recent release:

New User Access Tracking

Intronis ECHOplatform

In a single, well-organized view, you can now see:

  • the usernames of administrators who have logged into the portal
  • what type of users they are
  • the IP addresses and browser platforms they used
  • login and logout dates and times

We added this capability to help you stay on top of your operations and accelerate time-to-resolution within the portal for a variety of potential issues. You can refresh this data on command and export this report to a CSV file for archiving or analysis.

Read the release notes to learn more

New Package Plan Option for Overusage AlertsIntronis echoplatform alerts

We’ve also added the ability for you to create alerts based on the Intronis package plans that you purchase. Of course, if you prefer, you can continue to configure alerts based on the custom billing plans you’ve created for your customers. You can even combine billing-plan alerts with package-plan alerts. It’s all about whatever works best for your business. Our design goal was to maximize flexibility so you can manage your services in whatever way you want. 

Enhanced Backup Settings ReportingIntronis echoplatform reporting

Many of you leverage the ability to export backup setting data to convey and confirm solution types, schedules, and other data (e.g., to demonstrate compliance) with your customers. Now, the information you share through this feature will be richer. For each backup set, you can now report on such configuration data as the temp folder, the local storage folder (where applicable), the archiving rules applied, and a more detailed breakdown of the schedule. The report will also show whether your customer uses a local vault. Our designers set a high bar for usability, so we’ve made sure these reports are concise, informative, and easy to generate.

Streamlined List Expansion

We know that every bit of time you can save matters, so the fewer the mouse clicks the better. In that spirit, you can now expand or collapse the account lists in our Intronis ECHOplatform dashboard with just one click. We’re happy to give you back that one extra mouse click to use however you see fit.

Of course, there are a variety other tweaks and enhancements included in this release. You can see a complete list of enhancement in our release notes document. Thanks as always for all of your feedback, and please continue to connect with us to share your ideas and input. I look forward to reporting on further enhancements in the coming weeks.

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