Cloud 5: NASA goes cloud, AWS domination explained

Posted by Ron Miller on Nov 13, 2015 9:25:10 AM

Intronis Cloud 5Welcome to The Cloud 5, our weekly feature where we scour the web searching for the five most intriguing and poignant cloud links we can find.

Before we jump into this week's links, please have a look at one of our recent blog posts, Oracle latest company to take a swing at AWS. Oracle has thrown down the gauntlet, announcing it intends to go after none other than AWS in the public cloud infrastructure market. All I can say is good luck. It's easier said than done. Just ask HP.

And without further delay, here we go with this week's links:

Cloud control to Major Tom: NASA's space missions are going 'cloud native' | TechRadar

NASA has a long-standing relationship with AWS, and the Mars space mission is being controlled using cloud apps. The next time someone suggests you can't put mission-critical applications in the cloud, show them this article.

Cloud computing should transform, not just replace | Forbes

When we have technology shifts, there is a general misconception that we should simply move the existing model to the next one. If we did this with the cloud (or any transformative technology), we would be failing to take advantage of the new way of doing things.

The cloud wars explained: Why nobody can catch up with Amazon | Business Insider

In case you haven't heard, Amazon Web Services is the cat's meow in cloud computing. This article explains why Amazon continues to dominate.

Microsoft announces major commercial cloud expansion in Europe  | Petri

Many European customers don't want their data sitting in the U.S. under U.S. law and government scrutiny, and sometimes local law demands a local data center. Microsoft is trying to accommodate that by announcing several new data centers across the EU.

South Korea to move 60% of e-government services to cloud by 2017 | ZDNet

We hear a lot about the government moving services to the cloud, but like many other technology advances, South Korea is taking it more seriously than anyone else. They plan to move 60 percent of their government business to the cloud within two years.

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