What the IoT trend might mean to your clients

Posted by Naomi Price on Oct 1, 2014 12:53:51 PM

Enterprise mobility was a breakthrough trend that had massive and widespread implications by way of data management, employee activity monitoring and much more, while it was characterized by the incorporation of smartphones, tablets and portable computers into the workplace. Now, the trend has started to take rapid and more innovative steps in a more diverse and voluminous directions, with a wealth of other devices becoming Internet-connected and generating data as a result. 

IoTThis is now commonly known as the Internet of Things, which has massive implications for the status quo of corporate management and will likely throw a wrench into even the most developed and innovative mobile management strategies. Managed service providers must recognize that the diversity and volume of Internet-connected, data-generating devices are only going to continue expanding in an erratic fashion in the coming years, and this will demand a new line of thinking by way of protection for clientele. 

Which approach wins?
FierceMobileIT recently explained some of the ways in which IoT is impacting mobile security strategies, affirming that many providers of these services are beginning to take more targeted approaches to protection, rather than simply expanding upon the current status quo. In many ways, IoT has forced providers, vendors and businesses themselves to completely rethink the ways in which they manage and secure data, and this is likely a positive step in the right direction despite its difficulty and complexity. 

According to the news provider, one encryption service developer, SafeLogic, has urged companies to being focusing more on the data itself rather than the devices when it comes to monitoring, security and management. This is a relatively common-sense approach that can work wonders, as it will essentially nullify many of the complexities that come with the rising volume of operating systems entering the workplace. 

"Mobility [in the enterprise] is going to be the status quo. I'm worried about the security aspect of this: keeping up with different attacks, keeping up with different environments, keeping up with hackers. In the security business, we are always playing catch up, it seems," SafeLogic's chief executive officer Ray Potter explained to the source. 

This is not the only type of new, targeted approach that is being taken, as FierceMobileIT also pointed out that location-based protection and other forthcoming methods are still yet to hit the market. 

Comprehension will always win
Now, while these novel approaches to data management and security in the IoT era are certainly interesting and likely to be very effective, MSPs cannot forget that the devices themselves will always need to be protected and monitored as well. For example, even when data is accurately and adequately monitored as it moves around, the devices will still represent at least a little risk when not properly controlled, as will the applications on those smartphones, tablets and portable computers. 

As such, service providers must ensure that even when they are taking a novel approach to managing their clients' data security, that they keep a big-picture view and maintain comprehension on the whole. 


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