Two tradeshows, two viewpoints, two light bulbs

Posted by Marie Rourke on Dec 12, 2014 12:00:00 PM

It’s great when you go to an industry event and the light bulb comes on. It doesn’t happen all the time, but over the last two weeks, it happened to me twice thanks to two beautiful minds who “get IT” and more importantly “get the IT channel.”

photo-6Earlier this month, I attended The Channel Company’s NextGen Cloud event in San Diego. Distinguished analyst Tiffani Bova from Gartner was among the presenters. During her discussion – which was filled with new, thought-provoking material – Tiffani covered off several topics including Bimodal IT. I don’t know about you, but before hearing Tiffani’s take, Bimodal IT was just another “industry coined” term that didn’t really resonate with me. But as she laid it out, the light bulb turned on. I realized that these two “speeds of IT” – Get IT Done Right. Get IT Done Fast. – define a CIO (or decision makers) mindset and the company’s standard operational mode and goal. Now that makes sense (to me). But what really made that light bulb shine was this prediction on Bimodal IT:  

“By 2017, 75% of IT orgs will have a Bimodal capability. And half will make a mess of trying.”

More than half will “make a mess” trying. That’s just sad and screams opportunity for channel partners to get involved and help organizations adopt Bimodal IT as part of their information strategy. Or, simply stated, get IT done and stay relevant and agile to the businesses they serve. 

The other light bulb really came out of left field for me. I was attending the last stop of PlanetOne Communication’s Telecom Tour in Newport Beach. During the event, we held an executive panel featuring a number of the telco industry heavyweights. All provided fantastic insight to the blended audience of MSPs and Telecom Agents, but it was this statement by Chris Werpy of Masergy Partners that got me thinking:

"It's not about software-defined networks. It's about software-defined IT."

There’s so much talk about software-defined storage, software-defined data center, software-defined networking, but at the end of the day where the puck is moving to is software-defined IT solutions. That’s where the money is and why channel partners need to team with a select group of preferred vendors to truly become trusted advisors, business change agents, and master integrators that use technology to build business advantage and meet the needs of the companies and industries they serve.

For more excerpts from these two events and many more check out @ChannelPR@Tiffani_Bova, and @masergypartners on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Marie Rourke. Used under CC 2.0 license.

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