Preparing for the age of Bring Your Own Everything

Posted by Ron Miller on Apr 10, 2014 2:57:00 PM

canstockphoto11309840There once was a time when Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) was a radical notion inside organizations. Perhaps an executive with enough power brought in an unapproved smartphone or an iPad, but the general workforce? They wouldn't dare.

But today we aren't just faced with BYOD, we're facing BYO-E, where "e" stands everything. Yes, everything.

Alan Pelz-Sharpe, speaking at the AIIM conference last week in New Orleans, said IT is really struggling with this too, as the landscape shifts even further around them. Pelz-Sharpe pointed out that folks were used to the world working a certain way and this shift away from their control is disorienting for them. 

In fact, Pelz-Sharpe says the world is changing even more rapidly as business users find ways to do it alone and he believes we are at a crossroads. He said it's even having an impact on him as an analyst because it used to be if you observed enough, you would get a sense of how most of the world worked and you could give sound advice to those who got lost. Now, it's more difficult to do because the world is changing so fast.

And a big part of that, he says this that we are entering the age of Bring Your Own Everything. He breaks this down as follows:

Bring Your Own Device

This is the obvious one, one that you've probably already been dealing with for some time. In fact, as more devices proliferate and it becomes impossible for IT to keep up with it all, many companies have embraced a BYOD policy as common sense. And why not because as Pelz-Sharpe points out, it's like having a super computer in your pocket.

Bring Your Own Application

This is a direct offshoot of BYOD. The next logical step of course is to use that device to provision your applications, and of course, it's just so easy to do with app stores and a smartphone. That means users don't need you anymore to choose their software and that has shifted the balance of power considerably inside companies.

Bring Your Own Process

It used to be simple. You created a business process and your end users followed it as best they could. Employees today are using their new-found power from their devices and apps to blow around your carefully designed process just as easily as they blow around your sanctioned software list. 

Bring Your Own Employee

This was a new one to me, but as Pelz-Sharpe indicated, it's possible today to break down processes into micro-tasks and sell those tasks for pennies on the dollar to the highest bidders in worldwide internet-fueled marketplaces.

Pelz-Sharpe didn't even touch on Bring Your Own Funding, which you can also find using crowd funding sites like Indigogo or Kickstarter.

The connectivity and simplicity of the internet, the cloud, and mobile has completely altered how people do work. Pelz-Sharpe shared an anecdote where he asked one company about their business process, then he asked the people on the ground doing the work how they did it. Those front-line workers scoffed at the official explanation with a, "Ya, right!"

Employees have this new-found power to do it themselves and the only way you get any semblance of control is to apply some guidelines to govern the process. It's clear in an age of Bring Your Own Everything, total control is simply no longer an option.

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