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Posted by Lindsay Faria on Jan 13, 2015 1:33:00 PM

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As part of the Intronis Partner program, we offer an exclusive partner-only webinar series. These are designed to maximize partner enablement when it comes to selling the Intronis solution and supporting their customers. We are kicking off the new year with a number of sales and marketing webinars that empower our Partners to effectively and efficiently differentiate, promote, and sell their cloud backup and recovery solution. 

differentiation_smA group of Intronis partners recently sat in on a webinar entitled “Why Intronis: Making the case for your backup and recovery solution.” A recording is available for Intronis Partners in the Webinar Recordings section of the Partner Toolkit.(If you need instructions on how to access the Partner Toolkit, see this post.) For non-partners, please enjoy the recap below.

During the session, we walked through a refresher of the opportunity available for our partners to better protect their prospects and customers. We reviewed the Intronis ECHOplatform and how it allows MSPs to not only safeguard data but to enable complete business continuity to their customers. We also went through a number of the educational resources and re-brandable marketing materials available to support Partners’ sales and marketing efforts.

Below are some key takeaways for anyone who missed out on the live presentation.

1. Make it about them.

Selling points that we discuss as IT channel professionals might sound like no-brainers, but if they’re not put in context for the small business owners that we service, they could fall flat. For example, on its own, cloud backup might not sound that exciting to the restaurant or boutique owner, but when you tell them that 93 percent of SMBs that lose data access for 10 or more days are bankrupt in one year1, they may want to hear more. It’s not necessarily about the data; it’s about the future of their business and their livelihood.

2. Keep your top 5 list handy.
  • Central backup management – You’re taking backup management and monitoring off your customers’ plate, leaving them with more time to do what matters most – growing their business. Your centralized backup management platform gives your team full visibility into the status of their backups, so you can quickly recover their data remotely when a data disaster arises.
  • Complete data protection – Don’t leave any part of your customers’ business exposed to the risk of data loss. The platform protects a full range of physical and virtual data in the cloud or locally. We offer image backup solutions to fully protect your physical systems, plus native backup support for Hyper-V and VMware virtual machines and Exchange and SQL data.
  • Military-grade security – You will be offering data security superior to what one would find with popular consumer-grade backup products. Your customers’ data is encrypted and stored in highly secure redundant data centers located thousands of miles apart, safe and secure.
  • Robust archiving and retention – Depending on your customers’ industry, they may be subject to unique laws or regulations that govern how long you must save your data. With our robust and economical data archiving settings, we can ensure that your historical data is saved as long as needed, making it easy for you to adhere to applicable compliance standards. Your customers can rely on you to help them achieve HIPAA, FINRA and PCI compliancy, to name a few!
  • Better value for your backup – Putting their backup needs in your hands delivers more value than what they would earn from any other business backup plan. Leveraging your partnership with Intronis, you’re able to offer your clients an experienced team that will effectively monitor and manage their backup needs, and when it comes time to recover, you can ensure that they get back on their feet quickly and with little to no downtime. 

3. Leverage Partner Toolkit resources to strengthen your sales and marketing efforts.

Some of the tools we explored during the webinar included:

  • Re-brandable comparison pieces illustrating how your solution stacks up against competitive solutions
  • A list of common objections encountered in the sales process and how to handle them
  • A document to help you field FAQs
  • Re-brandable marketing collateral and campaigns

All of these materials are available in the Partner Toolkit. Feel free to reach out to [email protected] with questions or to get assistance in locating specific resources.

The feedback from the session was fantastic, and we’re currently putting together webinar sessions that will include tips for pricing and packaging your solutions, and how to use our Partner Toolkit.

1 Archives & Records Administration in Washington, DC

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