How to save time with the Intronis ConnectWise integration

Posted by Lindsay Faria on May 27, 2015 12:00:00 PM

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Last week, I was in Atlanta to attend the regional ConnectWise User Group as well as the Intronis 360 event we hosted (which was a blast). I couldn’t help but notice that conversations I had with IT service providers seemed to center around three main topics:Intronis Connectwise Integration

  1. Requests for info on flat-rate pricing that replaces the traditional per-GB model
  2. Compliance, compliance, compliance
  3. How our integration with ConnectWise works

During conversations with a few Partners, I was surprised to find that while they were leveraging both the Intronis ECHOplatform and the ConnectWise integration, not all of them have been taking advantage of the existing integration we built to link the two solutions together.

The brisk pace many of our Partners work at is a direct result of the increasing number of customers they service, services they provide, and the ever-growing amount of devices, applications, and data they protect. With so many responsibilities to juggle, who can afford not to save time? My guess is no one.

Many service providers’ core value proposition to their customers and prospects is that they can save them time and money, so we know they understand the value of time, and of saving it, as well as anyone. But, it’s up to us to make sure they know about the tools available to help them streamline their own processes and put minutes (or hours!) back in their day.

So in the spirit of our quest for productivity, my colleagues and I encouraged the MSPs not leveraging the integration to check it out right away.

Did you know?

With integrations like the one we have with ConnectWise, MSPs have a powerful tool at their fingertips to help them simplify their operations and save time. In the case of the ConnectWise integration, service providers can automate billing and ticketing procedures while protecting customer data, with ease.

Intronis Partners can keep an eye on customer usage, create invoices, and monitor backup notifications all in the same application—no need to be logging into and out of two different systems.

Key integration features

With the Intronis ConnectWise API-level integration, you can:

  • Link Intronis accounts to ConnectWise companies for ticketing and billing
  • Send Intronis notifications to the ConnectWise Service Desk as tickets
  • Update ConnectWise Products/Agreements with Intronis usage, local backup subscription, imaging licenses, and VMware host information for billing
  • Monitor the integration through the Intronis portal and receive email status reports

When leveraging the integration, you can receive daily updates from Intronis for companies you have set up in ConnectWise. In these updates, you can see: backup notifications, mapped to a Service Board, Status, Priority, Required Date, and Service Type (in ConnectWise). You will also have visibility into backup usage, local subscription values, and QuickSpin host licensing values used to update your companies’ agreements to enable invoicing.

Integrations available with other RMM and PSA tools

A great place to get to familiar with available integrations at a high-level is at our integrations page. If you’re ready to get started setting up your integrations, we currently offer Intronis Partners training on this via Intronis University. Check out the Elective Modules in the Technician Track to get started today! 

Learn more about the integrations we offer

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