Happy World Backup Day 2015!

Posted by Courtney Steinkrauss on Mar 31, 2015 9:00:00 AM

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giveawayWBDGet ready to party! Today is our favorite holiday— World Backup Day! This holiday serves as a reminder that the Data Loss Gremlins are constantly on the lookout for their next opportunity to corrupt, steal, destroy, and infect data. That’s why we celebrate by encouraging small businesses around the world to back up their business critical information.

Why World Backup Day matters

We want to help you educate small business owners about the threats facing their business. Many SMBs believe that only large enterprise organizations are targets of cyber crime, but they need to realize this simple truth: It can easily happen to them.

In the last year alone, data breaches have increased 27.5 percent in the United States. Of all those breaches, 81 percent happen to small businesses. For your small business customers, tell them there is no better day than today to start protecting their data. 

Help us celebrate!

We’ve been busy preparing you and your small business customers for World Backup Day. Over the past few weeks, we’ve warned you all about the Data Loss Gremlins in a number of ways.

These items are all a part of our Gremlin Defense Kit, which also includes other pieces of useful, educational content. 

Educate your customers

All of our efforts are meant to help you educate your small business customers. We believe that educating users on best practices for protecting their data is the first step in fighting the Data Loss Gremlins. Along with supplying educational material to your customers, we also suggest:

  1. Encrypting their data to keep it safe 
  2. Creating security measures around the Bring Your Own Device policies 
  3. Implementing strong user access control
  4. Developing a business continuity and disaster recovery plan 

Many of the world’s small businesses have limited IT staff, and they need your expertise to ensure their information is safe. So we encourage you to share these tips and our Gremlin Defense Kit with your customers.

Win a cool tech prize, courtesy of Intronis!

And what’s a holiday without presents? If you downloaded our Gremlin Defense Kit, you were automatically entered into our free prize draw. And if you haven’t downloaded it yet, there’s still time! On April 6, we will be giving away one of our featured tech prizes, so download the kit today for your chance to win.

Together, we can help save the small businesses of the world. Live every day like it’s World Backup Day! 

Download your 2015 Gremlin Defense Kit today!

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