Productivity Month: Get our 5 tips for greater productivity

Posted by Naomi Price on Sep 24, 2014 2:19:00 PM

What does productivity mean to you? For some, it’s leaving the office with everything crossed off of your to-do list. For others, it could be finally completing that major project. However you define productivity, as an IT service provider, you’re always striving to be highly efficient in order to meet – and exceed – the needs of your customers.

EB_5_Big_Tips_Productivity_coverUnfortunately, most American workplaces have a productivity problem, and it looks like we have the Internet to thank for it. Many of us rely on the Internet to perform our jobs. But the World Wide Web provides a host of distractions, too. According to a survey from, as much as 20% of employee time is spent on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter rather than work.

So how can we continuously keep our productivity levels on the up and up? While eliminating the Internet from our workflow isn’t possible, there are some simple steps that can help boost efficiency. One is feeling a sense of accomplishment. According to Forbes, creating to-do lists and taking regular breaks to move around throughout the day can also lead to increased efficiency and better results.

Another way to boost productivity is to find professional fulfillment. New findings from the American Psychological Association show that people want contentment and happiness derived from meaningful work, just as we mentioned in another Productivity Month post, "How to Lead Others to Succeed."

In honor of Productivity Month here at Intronis, we did a little research of our own on running a more productive MSP business. We spoke with a number of IT industry leaders and learned that productivity is top of mind across the board.

“We’re constantly re-examining ourselves to make the team more productive,” said David Kolssak, President of TURNkey IT. “And that means bringing in outside consultants to analyze our process. Trying to establish systems and structure is really something that keeps you productive, and without that you’re just guessing.” 

Kolssak and other IT professionals share their insight and best practices in our free e-book, “5 Tips for Running a More Productive MSP Business.” So how can MSPs maximize their workdays?  By:

  •          Automating manual processes
  •          Centralizing business tools
  •          Organizing with process plans
  •          Planning for the future
  •          Focusing your team

Download the e-book, for an in-depth look at these best practices, including areas of consideration, check lists, and questions to answer before implementing new processes on the way to becoming a more efficient workplace. And don’t forget to visit for additional productivity tips and tricks. 

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