Did Android's Lollipop revolutionize mobile device security?

Posted by Intronis Staff on Nov 6, 2014 9:10:05 AM

Although the majority of smartphone and tablet manufacturers have been competing to create the most engaging, entertaining, sleek and revolutionary devices to gain the love and admiration of today's consumers, a shift in mentality has begun to take precedence in this arena. Now, these IT giants are pushing to put forth the most secure and protected devices on the market. As a result, managed service providers should keep up with the progression of these technologies to accurately coach their clientele through oversight needs. 

Google officials recently explained that the new Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system update comes with several major and notable security improvements compared to previous iterations, and that it just might be the most well-protected yet. According to a release from the firm, devices running Lollipop will come with a default encryption function that will protect data that is lost in the event of hacking or other issues. 

IoTAdditionally, the firm pointed out that the facial recognition lock, that had been available in previous iterations of the operating system, has been upgraded. 

"Rather than pretending to take a picture, and analyze it, it's analyzing a user's face on an ongoing basis," Adrian Ludwig, Android security engineering lead, told TechCrunch during an exclusive briefing. "If a user's opted in and is using this method, at the moment it detects that a user isn't the one that it's expecting, it locks. That's very different from the previous model."

Regardless of which devices and operating systems your clients might be leveraging in their workplaces, the need for timely instruction on how to protect themselves from mobile threats is imperative. MSPs that can provide helpful, effective support that leads to stronger security performance will likely have an easier time attracting and retaining clientele in the modern market. 



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