Cloud 5: Oracle missing point of cloud, Net Neutrality, and Google buys Stackdriver

Posted by Ron Miller on May 9, 2014 10:01:00 AM

5_5-9-14Welcome to The Cloud 5, our weekly feature where we scour the web searching for the five most intriguing and poignant cloud links we can find.

Before we jump into this week's links, please have a look at one of our recent blog posts, Don't even think about buying XP patches on the Black Market. There is speculation that when Microsoft delivers its XP patch later this month to a chosen few customers, it will start showing up on the Black Market. Do yourself a favor, and don't even consider getting a patch this way

And without further delay, here we go with this week's links:

Oracle keeps missing the point of cloud computing | InfoWorld

Oracle has always had a strange relationship to the cloud, deriding it while trying to embrace it in some ways at the same time. Now it wants to move customers to a subscription model. Who can blame them, but it's unclear that they truly understand the notion of the cloud.

Citrix CEO: Mobile first, cloud first is "duh" | CITEworld

As Citrix introduced its Dekstop as a Service offering this week, competing with Amazon and VMware on this front, their CEO derided those who talk of cloud or mobile first because in his view we have already moved on from that, and it's just obvious that this is where companies need to go.

Step back in time: AT&T predicts the cloud in 1993 | Cloud Computing News

If you talk to old-school IT pros, you hear the cloud is nothing new, in their view just another version of shared resources from the mainframe days. Whether you agree or not, it's interesting to note that AT&T coined the term "cloud" as early as 1993 and described an electronic meeting place where people not in the same room could have a meeting. That's forward thinking. 

Internet 'fast lane' proposal crumbles as 150 tech companies voice net neutrality support | VentureBeat 

Having a free and open internet is an essential piece for cloud companies, and it's this even playing field that gives rise to startups and keeps driving innovation. Now the FCC wants to tamper with Net Neutrality and make some larger players more equal than others. That's not sitting well with the internet establishment, even companies who might benefit from such an arrangement - because they recognize that you don't want to mess with the golden goose.

Google Buys Stackdriver to Boost Cloud Computing Services | WSJ

As Google tries to find its way into the enterprise cloud computing environment, it purchased startup Stackdriver this week, which lets companies monitor app performance hosted on a variety of cloud services including Google competitor AWS.

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