Five Twitter Tips to Better Engage with your Customers

Posted by Intronis Staff on Jul 12, 2011 12:36:00 PM

Twitter is still a new "tool" in the marketing tool box for some MSPs and online backup resellers. In order to make your online engagement more efficient, fun, and productive, here are five tips in order to better utilize Twitter with your customers...

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1.      The Power of the Re-Tweet

Re-Tweeting someone else’s Tweet is a compliment. It shows you have confidence in their comment, think it’s great, and want to share with others. In addition, it demonstrates it’s “not all about you and your brand,” but you truly care what your target market is saying and what they’re doing on and offline.

2.      Content Curation and Creation

People love reading tweets and viewing links of valuable content you have to offer. For example if you have a new blog post, product news, and/or relevant content to share… Tweet it! But also feel free to curate content that others have Tweeted, blogged, and/or posted online -- with a comment on why you think it’s valuable and/or awesome.

3.      Follow Back

Did someone in your industry and/or target market follow you on Twitter? Did they Re-Tweet your Tweet? Did they comment about you? Follow back! Although it’s common to want/have more followers than you follow, remember it looks a little “fishy” to only follow a few and be followed by many. In addition, your customers will also feel special when you follow them in return.

4.      You are Not R2D2

Don’t be a robot on Twitter. Although pre-scheduled Tweets are time-savers and helpful, definitely do some real-time Tweets. Respond to questions, comment on others, and just have a conversation. Two words: Be human. People appreciate it, know when you’re being real, and are more likely to take you seriously when you take the time to interact genuinely. Just like in real life, who knew?!

5.      Not a Strategy but a Tool

Remember that Twitter is not a strategy to implement but a tool in your marketing toolbox to utilize for your marketing and business strategy. It is a great way to engage before, during, and after events; share news about your company and product; build relationships with potential and current customers; and more!

In the end, just have fun with it! Want more info? Check out the following blogs that I read on a regular basis for helpful hints on social media marketing for you and your customers : Mashable, Social Media Examiner, oneforty, and Socialfresh.Subscribe to the Intronis Cloud Backup and Recovery blog

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