4 Steps to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Sales Success

Posted by Manny Veiga on Jul 30, 2014 11:18:00 AM

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In our 2013 State of Cloud Backup study, we found that 56 percent of IT services providers say backup and recovery is their best-selling service offering.Game Plan

But considering that a significant percentage of partners sell business continuity and disaster recovery reactively rather than proactively, it's clear many IT providers need to re-think their approach so they can experience more success selling backup.

A new Intronis-sponsored whitepaper seeks to help partners make the most of the emerging backup and recovery opportunity. In "Your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) Engagement Game Plan," the experts at The 2112 Group examine the findings of our cloud backup study and offers four steps you can follow to build a profitable BCDR offering also delivers customer satisfaction.

As the report explains, any good MSP sales and marketing effort should be backed by informed insight on what drives customers to choose a particular service. According to the study, 34 percent of SMBs want cloud backup to meet their unique data protection and business continuity needs, while factors like IT reliability and price also come into play.

Knowing why their customers want cloud backup - and the types of data they need to protect most, which the study also describes - helps MSPs develop packages that fit each customer. When everything fits right, your customers are happier, and you're in a better position to build long-term profitable partnerships. 

Ultimately, The 2112 Group recommends four steps to your BCDR sales game plan, which include: 

  • Assessment
  • Optimization
  • Delivery Model
  • Go-to-Market

The report defines each step in great detail, outling the foundational work that can eventually lead to major revenue and profits.

The upshot is a finely-tuned sales and marketing machine, one that enables you to deliver right-sized BCDR services that work best for your customers and your business.

Check out the whitepaper in full to learn more. It's an in-depth evaluation of the backup and recovery market opportunity and the strategies you can take to get a piece of the pie. Download the whitepaper by clicking the button below! 

Your BCDR Engagement Game Plan Intronis whitepaper


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