Infographic: SMBs need to prepare for data loss and recovery too

Posted by Ron Miller on Jan 15, 2014 9:07:00 AM

Most SMBs probably don't think about the worst case scenarios, but sooner or later they happen to every business. Many companies will have some sort of data loss whether due to disaster, theft, equipment failure or one of the half dozen data loss gremlins waiting out there to bite their business in the behind.

The question then becomes: how do you mitigate that loss? The good news is that MSPs and businesses can work together to set up a data loss prevention and recovery plan. There's a reason why BCDR is a growing business. data loss gremlins

Every day, we hear news about breaches, losses and catastrophic natural disasters. If you think of data loss prevention as insurance, you are putting a plan in place to keep your client's company in business under even the most dire of circumstances.

This infographic outlines the scope of the problem, the types of data loss gremlins out there and how businesses can set up a meaningful plan with the help of an MSP to keep them going should one of these worst case scenarios come to pass.

The infographic is based on research conducted by Intronis, using an online survey of 350 participants, all of whom work in the information technology services industry. 

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<p>The 2013 State of Cloud Backup infographic was produced by <a href="">Intronis</a></p>


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